Dear Guys, Here Are 5 Things That Often Make You Misunderstand. Even though it s not entirely correct
10 November 2018 Suci Wulandari Relationship 139
Dear Guys, Here Are 5 Things That Often Make You Misunderstand. Even though it s not entirely correct When you talk about girls, many guys agree that girls are God's most unpredictable creatures and understand their way of ownership. Sometimes the girl says A, but a few seconds later she has changed her mind to B. Often they want to be understood without having to say what they really want.

Therefore arises opinions concerning women. Because of the many opinions about girls, then some opinions about girls that are actually wrong are still persisting in the thinking of boys. Like the following 5 thoughts, this is not always true!

1. The girl always matches appearance

It seems not only girls who have the idea that appearance is one of the important things that must be maintained. Men also actually have the same thoughts, it's just that they are more relaxed. So if someone says that a girl always matches appearance, that is not always true. The truth is that girls are smart to adjust their appearance to the program they are going to go to.

Suppose when you are at a party, can't you come in a shirt and jeans? or when you relax, there's no way they will come up with a super-slim dress and make up? yes even though there are girls who are obsessed with appearances at all times, but not a few are ignorant of appearance.

2. Girls are complicated

This one thought exists because the assumption that girls always match appearance. And if the girl has groomed, the length of the pride! No wonder the guy thinks that the girl is complicated for mercy. Even though this is not always true. Girls will be complicated when they really need a lot of time to solve their problems. And that indicates that girls aren't always complicated all the time as imagined.

3. The girl is like hell!

Sometimes girls really need to make it so that it's not considered "easy". Surely they would like it to someone they just knew, it would not be possible to just know it but they had said it bluntly without stopping. But if you know them well, girls won't mind how they are invited to do silly things that they might never do for life.

4. That girl can't be independent, where to go!

Sure, sometimes girls whine asking to be accompanied wherever they go. Not infrequently, they often force men to spend more time together rather than meeting their friends. But this happens when they really need someone to accompany him. For example, when watching a movie in a cinema, how come you don't know how boring it is to finish a movie without someone to talk to?

And at other times like shopping, for example, they won't mind if they have to shop alone. For street girls alone without friends or girlfriends, it's no big deal. By walking alone they can enjoy their time freely.

5. Girls are really drama!

The words 'girls' and 'drama' are often juxtaposed. Almost all guys consider girls to be drama and like to think about things that are not important. Even though it's not. When compared with boys, they are women who are indeed a little more expressive. Girls can easily express their feelings to others. But that doesn't mean girls are always over!

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