Contents of Disaster Preparedness Bags that Need to be Prepared at Once Tips on Packaging them to Be Not complicated
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Contents of Disaster Preparedness Bags that Need to be Prepared at Once Tips on Packaging them to Be Not complicated Indonesia is included in the earthquake-prone region because it is surrounded by volcanic mountains and tectonic plate meetings that always shift every year. Although there are some areas that are known to be most potentially affected by the disaster, the name of the disaster does not know when it came. Therefore, we alone must always be ready to face and deal with it. One way is to prepare a disaster alert bag, or a bag containing basic household items that are prepared before a disaster occurs and needed in an emergency, or if you are forced to evacuate.

Hipwee Tips will help you to sort out what items need to be included in the disaster alert bag, as well as how to package it so that it is simple and hassle-free. Listen carefully, yes!

1. The first thing that needs to be prepared is supplies to eat and drink for at least 3 consecutive days.

For food and drink supplies, here are the items that need to be prepared: 1 liter size bottled water for 3-5 bottles (for 1 person) Long-lasting high protein foods that are easy to serve Plastic tableware such as plates, glasses, forks, and spoon Folding knives Sugar and plastic Aluminum foil and plastic containers that can be opened and closed

2. Equipment for lighting and communication that allows you to survive and / or seek help

The following are lighting and communication devices that need to be prepared for inclusion in the disaster alert bag: The following cellphones charger , or emergency lights for each person, can be used to ask for remote assistance in urgent circumstances.

3. Health and hygiene equipment is also important to be included in the disaster alert bag

As important as the stock of food and drinks, health and hygiene equipment you must prepare. You have to be healthy first! First aid box and medicine without prescription Prescription medicines for you who have special conditions such as asthma or hypertension Anti dust mask Toiletries Dry tissues and wet wipesSmall hornsHand sanitizers Bandages Liquid detergentsPlastic garbage bags

4 . Clothing and footwear that are important for protecting your body during safety from disaster Cotton-based clothing (for 3 days) RaincoatTop glovesLeather waterproof boots Blankets

5. There are also other equipment that is no less important that must be carried. Note it, yes! Sleeping bag or sleeping bag Sunglasses Glasses Compass direction indicator Important documents or identities photocopied and collected in a plastic folder Sufficient amount for urgent needs

6. Especially for pregnant women, the elderly, or who have small children, prepare some of the following emergency luggage Hearing aid batteries for the elderly Special food for the elderly or baby Small size oxygen tube and tissue Equipment breastfeeding babies, including bottles, cleaning tools, and formula milk Breastfeeding pump tools and other tools as needed

Preparing a disaster alert bag can be said to be an easy thing, but to be more effective in using it, try applying the following tips: Try to use a backpack that has a bright color like orange, red, or light green. Made of plastic or cloth that is easy to carry everywhere. Pack each inventory or equipment that has been grouped above to make it easier when looking for it in a backpack. Record the initial expiration date for the food and medicines taken. Make sure every the household has prepared a disaster alert bag which is placed near the exit and informs each family member to find out about the disaster alert bag. Preparing it in the office is also permissible, you can put it in a locker or under an office desk. Or you can put it disaster alert bag in a private vehicle if possible you are on a long trip for several days.

Preparing disaster alert bags is a must for law, especially for those of you who live in disaster-prone areas. Come on, start to be aware of disasters and prepare for an early evacuation before a disaster strikes. If you are ready yourself, of course you can minimize the impact of the disaster when the day comes later. Hopefully everything is safe and controlled, huh!

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