Come on, get acquainted with Anna Wintour A Fashion Icon and Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine
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Come on, get acquainted with Anna Wintour A Fashion Icon and Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine

For fashoinistas, the name of this one must be familiar. Anna Wintour, one of the most influential fashion icons in the world today is the Editor in Chief of international Vogue magazine. In the Devil Wears Prada (2006), the character of Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) is said to describe the figure of this British-American woman. If you don't know, Miranda Priestly has an aura of intimidation and sadism. In several scenes in the film, Miranda asked several times for things that could not be realized in her Personal Asistant, Andrea (played by Anne Hathaway). However, is it true that Anna Wintour behaved so ferociously to her workers in Vogue? I don't think so, bro.

1. Dropout while still in high school

Some CEOs from reputable companies such as Facebook and Microsoft are people who do not graduate from school. Who would have thought that Anna Wintour was also one of them. The story when sitting in school, Anna did not like the school uniform which was brown and too gombrang. Young Anna Wintour also cut her school skirt short into knee-length. His actions led to the release of Anna Wintour from the Independent North London Collegiate School. It turns out that from small it is stylish, huh.

2. Never been fired from Harper s Bazaar

All fashionistas must know that Anna Wintour is the Editor-in Chief of the most influential fashion magazine in the world, Vogue. But, do you know that Anna Wintour was once fired from the position of Junior Fashion Editor from Bazaar magazine, which is also the world's leading fashion magazine. This experience he made as valuable learning until he could occupy the highest position in Vogue magazine.

3. Have a favorite fashion item

Working in the fashion industry certainly makes it easy for Anna Wintour to be able to try various kinds of clothing from world-renowned designers. However, of the many fashion items in this industry, Anna Wintour claimed to be very fond of sunglasses. He delivered this in the Vogue video 73 Questions With Anna Wintour. But, use whatever accessories Anna Wintour is always stylish, yes.

4. I love tennis

Who would have thought women like Anna Wintour would like one of the sports. The Anna Wintour turns out to love tennis, you know. Evidenced by the frequent appearance of Wintour in world tennis tournaments such as the US Open, Wimbledon, to the Paris Open. Not only that, it is said that he often wakes up early to play tennis one or two rounds before leaving for work. He said, favort tennis player Anna Wintour is Roger Frederer from Switzerland.

5. Have an honorary degree from the Queen of England

In 2017, Anna Wintour received the honorary title \"Dame Commander\" from the United Kingdom. The title was given directly by Queen Elisabeth II at Buckingham Palace. The editor in chief of the world's fashion magazine received the award thanks to its contribution to the world of fashion and journalism. Eh, you know, if Anna Wintour has been in the fashion world for almost three decades?

6. Never change hairstyles since age 14

Anna Wintour's figure is very iconic with bob hairstyles and sunglasses. You know, if Anna Wintour never changes her hairstyle from the age of 14. He said, Wintour always treated his hair twice a day, once in the morning, and at night. He also has his own salon in New York, you know.

7. I don't like Bob Marley

Maybe you think Anna Wintour prefers to listen to classical songs or pop EDM today. However, who would have thought that Anna Wintour idolized reagea singer Bob Marley. In the 1970s, Wintour was a big fan of Bob Marley. He also met his idol several times backstage before the concert.

8. Use the same shoes repeatedly

There is an unwritten rule for fashionistas to never use fashion items more than once. But it seems that the regulation does not apply to Anna Wintour. Wintour was caught on camera several times using the same shoes at two different events. The rule for Wintour to choose shoes is the color of the shoes that he will use must be in line with the color of the skin of his feet. Duh!

9. Tricks to be Anna Wintour's favorite employee

Working in fashion magazines is a dream job for many women in the world. You are one of them? There are tricks you can try if you want to work for Anna Wintour. Anna Wintour's favorite employees are those who have strong personalities and characters. In an interview, Wintour said he was very dislike of employees, always yes. Wintour was more pleased that employees debated the opera and gave a rational explanation for why he rejected the opinion.

When viewed from the facts above, the richness of Anna Wintour is really cool? Miranda Priestly is not too busy. If you think Anna Wintour is what? Write your answer in the comments column, yes!

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