Celosia Bandungan Park, a Colorful Destination in Semarang that Pampers the Eyes
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Celosia Bandungan Park, a Colorful Destination in Semarang that Pampers the Eyes For those of you who are in Semarang and surrounding areas, it must be familiar to the Celosia Flower Park in Bandungan. Eits, don't use the Celosia Park in Gunungkidul. There is a little different from the flower garden in Gunungkidul. There are lots of colorful stretches of celosia flowers, while in Bandungan the flower beds are not too prominent but there are lots of contemporary photo spots there.

There are various instagramable spots that will make visitors feel comfortable visiting the Celosia Bandungan Flower Park. From colorful pencils, hobbit houses, Eiffel towers, Dutch windmills, to colorful photo spots that spoil travelers who come there.

Let's take a look like what the excitement is about visiting Celosia Flower Park in Bandungan, Semarang!

Being at the foot of Ungaran Mountain, the cool atmosphere is immediately felt in this flower garden. It feels like there is mini-Europe there because there are popular landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Windmill

Not only are there colorful flowers, there are also colorful umbrellas that will be really cool for your photos crowded. Very good for making Instagram feeds

There is also a pool of water with a Merlion replica statue that is similar to the original. It's just smaller size. No need to go all the way to Singapore for photos with this statue. Hehehe

One of the most beautiful rides is a pool of water with various photo spots on it. Asli, so forget to go home if you play here. A lot of you know the picture. Will be satisfied with

Flower garden is not good if the flowers are not colorful and blooming. Many types of flowers that you can see in this park. Behind him there is also a replica of a cracked house which is also good for photos. Photos of

For lovers who want to go on a vacation both of them really fit here. There are many rides that are suitable for you both. If you make singles, don't come alone. Fear of later baper ...

It's not just a photo spot, there are also really epic 3D paintings. You can style photos with exciting pictures. One of them is this horror mummy

The entrance fee to Celosia Flower Park is also quite affordable. Only with 10,000 rupiah, you can vacation there. Cool, fun and instagramable atmosphere will make you feel at home there

If you want a vacation there, just walk to the Gedong Songo Temple. Later you will find this flower garden not far from the temple. The exact location is at Jalan Wisata Gedong Songo KM 05, Bandungan, Semarang Regency. What are you waiting for, soon we visit this flower garden.

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