Candid Air Asia Viral Flight Attendant Photo on Social Media. What are the Causes
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Candid Air Asia Viral Flight Attendant Photo on Social Media. What are the Causes One of the requirements for being a flight attendant is good looking or beautiful. So no wonder so many or almost all flight attendants look elegant and charming. But of the many beautiful flight attendants, not many viral flight attendants like the following Air Asia flight attendants. Because of being photographed candidly by a passenger, he was suddenly famous in cyberspace. Wow, what was the cause?

It was a passenger named George Wong who made a sudden air Asia flight attendant famous. Wong who was fad photographing the flight attendant while working. What kind of flight attendant does it make Wong take the picture quietly?

George Wong, one of the Air Asia passengers in Hong Kong, took a picture of a flight attendant secretly working. He was fascinated by the flight attendant

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Affordable fares with incredible scene, what else to blame

Posted by GeorGe Wong on Friday, October 12, 2018

Photos of a flight attendant immediately viral on Facebook. This happened after a passenger photographed Air Asia flight attendants departing from Hong Kong on October 12. He wrote the caption full of admiration for the very beautiful cabin crew. This woman seemed to be offering a snack to passengers when Wong took the picture quietly or candidly.

Affordable rates with extraordinary views, what else should you complain about?

The flight attendant's photo was then shared with Facebook and who would have thought it would be viral immediately in just a few days. The total posts were more than 4,000 times shared and got 600 comments. Netizens also assume that this flight attendant is one of the most beautiful flight attendants in the world.

Who is the name?

The flight attendant is named Mabel Goo, a student and a dancer who is still 24 years old from Malaysia

I just want to do my job as a flight attendant to the best of my ability and make sure everyone has an enjoyable flight.

"I just want to do my job as a flight attendant with the best ability and ensure all passengers get a pleasant flight."

Mabel Goo, a Malaysian Air Asia flight attendant is still 24 years old. He did not think candid photos like that could be viral. Moreover, many followers suddenly became followers after the post circulated. Mabel Goo now has a branding as a beautiful flight attendant just because of her picture of offering a snack and pushing the trolley,

Netizens immediately look for the beautiful flight attendant's identity. In the viral Facebook post comments column there were some netizens who managed to find their Instagram account. View this post on Instagram

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A post shared by MabeL (@mabel_goo) on Sep 12, 2018 at 12 : 48am PDT

After the post was viral, netizens were curious about the figure of the beautiful flight attendant. From the search for kepo netizens, finally found an Instagram account called @mabel_goo. His photos on Instagram also show Mabel Goo's activity where it is written on the bio. Besides Air Asia flight attendants, he is also a dancer and business student.

The number of followers also increased dramatically after viral on social media. Initially only 50 thousand followers, now has penetrated 108 thousand followers. Wow, just because of candid photos, Mabel Goo became a celebrity with so many followers. Netizen comments were also mostly impressed with Mabel Goo and wanted to one day catch a plane with her.

Not a few comments blamed George Wong's attitude to photographing Mabel Goo secretly. Wong apologized

Netizen comments also vary. Many praised the beauty of Mabel Goo, but not a few who highlighted George Wong's behavior who took pictures quietly. After much blasphemy in the comments column, Wong finally apologized. Goo did not question Wong's actions. However, Mabel Goo became viral and became the most popular flight attendant due to candid photos.

Hopefully one day I can get a plane with Mabel Goo. Hehehe.

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