Besides being patient, 5 things you don t need to think about when you don t have a boyfriend
07 November 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 308
Besides being patient, 5 things you don t need to think about when you don t have a boyfriend Many satire pictures scattered throughout any period of the line that insinuate the sad fate of singles, which in the end leads young people's opinions if they don't have a boyfriend, it's quite sad. Even though having a boyfriend is not just an "important thing", but how to have a boyfriend can also have a positive impact on our lives in our daily lives. Like, so it's more uplifting to learn, or the one that was once broken will be more neat in dressing because of the presence of someone we love.

Especially when all of your friends have their partners and only you are still at risk of being single, not even when you need them but they have more time for their boyfriend. Calm down, it's not an irony. That means you have to be more independent and not always depend on other people. After all, your own status also has many benefits for yourself. When you don't have it, these things should not poison your mind.

1. Assume that you are not attractive, this will only make you more insecure

Not only because you are single now, it makes you think that you are not interesting enough for anyone. Thoughts like this will only be bad suggestions for you. You should be the one who planted positive thoughts, not even more humble yourself.

If so, it is only natural that your imagination is nil. Even though in truth, everyone has their own characteristics that make you look different from the others and all the things that are in you now will be someone's complement later. So, there's no need for you to feel that you don't belong to anyone.

2. Thinking that having a girlfriend must be so that you don't feel lonely and plasticity

Before aiming to find a girlfriend to accompany your loneliness and make you look good, you have to know that having a boyfriend doesn't guarantee that you can make you feel lonely. It's not a bit how come couples out there still feel empty because of forced relationships when they're not happy.

Why are you afraid to feel lonely if your friends and family are always there for you. Yes indeed, having a boyfriend will make your days more alive but with the condition that there is sincerity not only for status alone and a tool to kill quiet.

3. Trauma about the past and hard to find new love

It may not be easy for you to forget the past that is still imprinting, even though you also often try to open your heart to others but the past memories are too clearly formed and make it difficult for you to find new love. That's a sign that you need self-reflection and must be done with yourself, and don't assume too much that you're still traumatized.

It's not someone else's duty to look after your heart, but it's your job to take care of your heart so that you don't fall into someone who is wrong. Don't let the memories of the past take away your happiness, you don't live for the past.

4. Feeling there is something wrong with you, even though the single is not strange.

Singles are not strange and there's nothing wrong with you. You don't need to blame yourself for your own status. Everyone has their own way to fall in love, so there's no need to force yourself to change to be loved.

Later when the time is right, you will also find someone who is right for you. After all, singles are natural, not everyone must have a partner as soon as possible. Just enjoy the situation, with that combination you can still have as much fun as possible without having to take care of anyone's heart.

5. Dating is not an achievement, so there's no need to race to find a lover

Seeing your other friends already have a trailer, while you are still engrossed in solitude. Don't go along with wanting to have a boyfriend too just because you see the romance of your friends' love, believe that what you see is just the outer form.

Behind it all they must also have their own problems. Having a boyfriend is not the absolute way out for your solitude, you don't need to rush if you are still comfortable with your own status. Besides having a boyfriend is also not an achievement, it's just a way of living.

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