Behind You Are Too Good is a Breaking Reason, There Are 5 Things You Must Keep in Mind
31 Oktober 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 339
Behind You Are Too Good is a Breaking Reason, There Are 5 Things You Must Keep in Mind Each partner must want a lasting relationship. But the name of the relationship there must be trials that hit on the way. Therefore, before you establish a good relationship you first understand the relationship problems so that you are ready to face all the bad things that will stand in the way. So that your relationship continues smoothly like the Jagorawi toll road.

Breaking up is never easy. No matter how bad the relationship goes, breaking up is still a sad thing. Especially for those of you who are terminated under the pretext of "you are too good for me", the shortness is multiplied. Already left behind, the reason used doesn't make sense. But you know, behind "you are too good" which is the reason for breaking up, there are things that you should keep in mind. So that you don't receive the same bad luck in your next relationship.

1. Using 'good' as an excuse is evil and doesn't make sense. Doesn't everyone expect the best, huh?

If your ex feels that your kindness is the thing that causes your relationship to end, he is just looking for an excuse. Just think rationally, isn't everyone hoping for the best, huh? Where is someone interested in relationships that often harm him?

Even though you are sick, you have to know the truth that he no longer loves you. Then you should let him go. Why do you have a relationship that is only in the same direction, making it even worse.

2. Usually this "too good" reason is just a cover. There are other things that make him want to end the relationship but do not dare to be revealed.

Behind the sentence "you are too good" from your ex, there is something he hid from you. They take refuge from reasons that seem to praise you as an impersonator of their evil actions. They actually have other reasons that they dare not express.

It could be the reason your ex broke the relationship because actually he already had a new relationship with other people. He didn't dare to say bluntly because he was afraid of his bad image because of cheating. He does not want to be blamed if someone later asks you about your relationship in the middle of the road.

3. He who decides in this way doesn't need to be expected. Just leave her departure, because the real match will definitely come

It can't be denied that girls are more difficult to move on than guys. But specifically your ex this one you have to quickly move on from him. Don't let you hope to improve relationships. Remember he has the heart to betray the sincerity of your love by lying to you with the sweet phrase "you are too good". You better find a better replacement than him.

4. You need to remember this evil treatment, so that later you can anticipate and not be cast for the second time

By having a typical ex who is not grateful for your good character all this time, you become more sensitive to the nature of the guy who approached you later on. If there are characteristics that resemble, throw away, guys like that. In addition, you must learn to address the relationship logically. Because it could be that he decides you because you are too kind to him - so there is no challenge for him to undergo a relationship with you,

5. He who impresses you now will usually regret and realize later, that your kindness is not necessarily owned by someone else

The former who used to waste his reason for your good character, will surely regret it in the future after he doesn't find someone as good as you. Yes, he thinks good people like you are many? It has been met with you who is good not playing just discarded. Tell him:

Please search ... you won't find a stock of good people like me anymore ... don't expect back, I've ilfeel with you

The most important thing of a relationship break because of the reason "you are too good" is not to feel that your good qualities that are not owned by everyone is a bad thing. You only have not been met with someone who is grateful for your kindness. Rest assured, the right person for you will surely come at the appointed time of God.

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