Behind the Enchanting Tourism, There is a Threat of Earthquake from Sesar Lembang, Bandung. Let s Be Alert
07 Oktober 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 313
Behind the Enchanting Tourism, There is a Threat of Earthquake from Sesar Lembang, Bandung. Let s Be Alert Lembang is a charming tourist area in Bandung. There are so many hits tourist destinations that you can find there. Call it De Ranch Lembang, Cikole Graphic, The Maribaya Lodge, Lembang Dairy Farm House and so on. Lembang has dozens of attractions that are guaranteed to spoil you when visiting Bandung.

But behind the beauty of Lembang, there are also great dangers that threaten the Bandung community in the future. The threat was named Lembang fault, a fault on the earth plate just below the Lembang area. The consequence of being above a fault is an earthquake caused by the shift of the fault. Well, it turns out that the Lembang fault has great power that has been stored underground that can be an earthquake at any time with a large enough force.

Bandung residents must know that the earthquake potential in Bandung big enough because there is a Lembang fault that stretches for 29 km

Fault is a crack in the earth's crust plate that shifts. In a country like Indonesia which is a ring of fire is no stranger to the term fault. One of the faults that is quite a concern is the Lembang fault. The Lembang Fault stretches about 29 km from the start of Mount Manglayang-Tebing Keraton-Gunung Batu. In the presence of faults, the movement will potentially create earthquakes. No exception with the Lembang fault which is predicted to be a threat of future disasters. This fault shift that stretches north of the city of Bandung can create fatal damage considering the density of the population in the Lembang area and its surroundings.

If an earthquake occurs, what is the magnitude of the earthquake in the Lembang fault? How will the damage happen there?

"If you look at the map (impact), the earthquake shaking to the city of Bandung is equivalent to 8-9 MMI (Modified Mercalli Intensity) or even more. That is equivalent to the Lombok earthquake, "said Senior Researcher Danny Hilman as quoted from Detik.

Based on the opinion of experts, Lembang faults can trigger earthquakes with magnitudes of 6.5-7 SR. The magnitude of this earthquake is more or less the same as the Lombok earthquake. If that happens, the Lembang area will suffer considerable damage considering its location at the epicenter of the earthquake. No exception the City of Bandung will suffer severe damage if it really happens. Can you imagine it? Unfortunately, until now no one can predict when and where an earthquake will occur. One thing is certain, the potential is likely to occur.

Bandung is indeed threatened by an earthquake from the Lembang Fault. So what should be the preparation if the disaster suddenly comes?

The population of Bandung is around 2.5 million. If calculated with surrounding districts such as West Bandung, Cimahi and so on, the number could reach 5 millions of people. This dense population will be very risky if an earthquake is centered on the Lembang fault with a relatively shallow depth of about 10 km. Hundreds of thousands of residents could be affected by the earthquake. Moreover, Bandung was built on a land that was once an ancient lake.

With the various facts above, the damage caused by the earthquake could be very massive and many damaged buildings even collapsed. Moreover, buildings whose construction is not earthquake resistant. The distance from the Lembang fault to Bandung is only around 3-5 km. This means that the city of Bandung must be prepared for this earthquake scenario. Yes, we pray that it won't happen, but if the name is an unpredictable earthquake, we can only improve preparedness and alertness.

If you already know the potential of an earthquake, what can we do? What preparation must be done?

As Indonesians, we should all be familiar with the phenomenon of earthquakes. Let's take the example of Japan, as a country that has repeatedly experienced a large earthquake, they are ready and adapt to natural conditions. Unfortunately, we are all still easily scared and more confident with HOAX news. Supposedly with information on areas that are prone to disasters, we can all further improve preparation and awareness so that we can face disasters at any time.

First, understand first the area where you live is in a disaster-prone zone or not. If so, study the distance, potential magnitude of the earthquake, and potential damage that will be generated. Then study the evacuation place if an earthquake occurs. If you want to build a house, as much as possible that is earthquake resistant. A little expensive, no problem, provided that when an earthquake occurs you still have time to save yourself. The truth is that losing lives is not the earthquake, but the building collapsed. When an earthquake happens, you should keep in mind 11 safe tips during this earthquake.

Finally, don't be afraid, stay optimistic and let us improve preparedness if one day the earthquake happens!

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