Before Thinking About the Unloading, Here are 8 Simple Ways to Eliminate Dew in a Watch Glass
12 November 2018 Darin Rania Tips 161
Before Thinking About the Unloading, Here are 8 Simple Ways to Eliminate Dew in a Watch Glass In addition to cellphones, other objects that are mandatory for some people are watches. For those office workers with myriad meeting schedules, watches are useful to ensure their activities are running on time. But for people who often go in and out of air-conditioned rooms, where the temperature is often lower than outside, the use of a watch often creates problems. The temperature difference can make the watch glass condense. So even when the rainy season comes. When accidentally getting wet, sometimes water vapor will appear inside the watch glass, creating moisture that can block the view.

For you maybe this problem is not so crucial, because you think it will also disappear by itself. Even if it's left too long, the dew inside the watch can be a cause of corrosion or rust on the clock machine. But don't worry, this time Hipwee Tips has simple tips on removing dew in your watch. Listen together, let's!

1. In addition to being cooked, rice also has a range of other benefits, one of which is to remove moisture from the watch.

Have you heard that if the rice can cure the new cellphone plunged into the water? You can also use the same function to eliminate dew in hours. How: Prepare 1 liter of rice Put rice in a container Clean the clock from dirt Soak the watch in rice for about 6 hours After 6 hours, lift and wipe clean the watch2. Like clothes when wet, dew that is trapped in a watch glass can also be removed by drying it

Besides being able to dry wet clothes, sunlight can also be a solution to remove dew in the watch. Just hang your watch in the sun for 5 minutes. More practical and fast, right? 3. Another way can be to bring a dewy watch to a burning candle

If it is cloudy, you certainly cannot rely on the sun as a solution to your problem. But calm, you can try using another method, namely by using a candle. How: Prepare 1 candle and turn it on. Hold the watch to the candle flame with a distance of about 10-15 cm. Don't get too close because excessive heat will make the clock broken. Allow about 1 minute. If you have, wipe the watch with a tissue or broom hand4. If there are no candles at home, you can also use ordinary lights!

There is no candle at home? It's easy, you can replace it with ordinary lights. The light from the lamp will help remove the moisture trapped in your watch. The function is the same as sunlight. The trick is easy, just put your watch under the light. Wait for a while and the dew in your clock will disappear instantly.

5. Alternatively, maybe you can try using a hair dryer. Dry it like you dry wet hair

Hair dryers are not only useful for your hair when wet. It turns out that it can also be an option when you are confused about how to get rid of dew in your watch. The same method is like drying the hair again. Bring the blow dryer to a dewy clock, set the distance so as not to damage the clock. Dry it until the dew slowly disappears. 6. You can also use a fan, guys! Just wind it up in front of it

Or you can also use a fan. Wind the watch in front of it. Use the biggest wind speed so that the process runs faster. After about 1 minute, you will see your watch glass clear again. 7. But if there is only air conditioning, don't worry because in the same way you can also remove moisture in the watch glass

If you happen to be stuck in a traffic in the car and find your watch dewy, you can use the car air conditioner to get rid of the dew there. Just keep your watch close to the air conditioner, wait a while, and voila! Dew will disappear. 8. Another thing in the house that you can use is the stove. Guaranteed, the dew in the watch will disappear instantly

Eliminating dew in the watch can also use the stove, you know. It's the same way if you use a candle. Just turn on the stove and bring the watch close to the fire. Remember, don't get too close because the clock can burn ..

9. Suppose you are camping on the mountain and your watch happens to condense, just close it to the fire. Set the distance so it's not too close

When in the highlands, the chances of a watch condense will be even greater. But you don't need to worry as long as you have a bonfire near you. Because basically fire can help remove moisture, so you can use it too. If the bonfire hasn't turned on or even has died but the dew in the clock reappears, using matches can also be used!

There are simple ways that you might rarely think of. Even though it's really easy, right guys?

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