Because Saturation Is Not an Adult Reason for Ending Relationships, 6 You Need to Think About
03 November 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 108
Because Saturation Is Not an Adult Reason for Ending Relationships, 6 You Need to Think About You have already tasted various problems in the relationship, especially those that have been running for years. Ranging from jealousy to fussing about the business of eating where it must be felt and the simple but crucial thing is the problem of saturation. Sense of saturation can also be sourced from anywhere, either saturated because of the matter that continues or even saturated because the relationship is cool and there is never a conflict that makes you and he is increasingly challenged. In fact, saturation is the challenge. Making the boredom that you have as a scapegoat the cause of separation is poor, the sign that the seriousness of your love is questionable when it starts to get bored and feels like parting. For those of you who are saturating with relationships, you should think about these 6 things.

1. Saturation is not a reason to split up. Believe me, there are always many ways to eradicate the boredom that comes in love. Saturation is normal, everyone has been in their respective saturation points. When saturated, we are faced with various choices. Want to survive with saturation, choose to go, or hack the saturation in your own way. Before you look for ways to kill saturation and revive your relationship, you have to know what is the cause of saturation itself. If the cause of saturation is your relationship routine, you can change your communication pattern with him, change dating or increase your attention level. If the cause of saturation is there because there are other people who fill your heart, remember again that you don't necessarily get what you have when you dare to leave him.

2. When the heart has been adrift to each other, the feeling that you have will continue to grow and saturate no longer a big problem. Ask yourself, have you loved him properly? Is it true that your heart chose it? It should be that if your heart is already attached to one another, saturation is not going to be a big problem that interferes with your relationship and him. If you are just dating already upset with boredom, how about when you are married and live forever with him later? That's why you need to choose the right partner to go hand in hand. He is not bored by your side and will not get bored while living forever with you, with love will always grow.

3. Try to communicate saturation that you feel to your partner. If he can still survive, why do you instead go away? Given that communication is the key to the success of a relationship, you need to communicate whatever you feel if you think it could threaten your relationship. You need to take the time and invite him to talk about this relationship, it can be your quality time to understand each other. Don't harbor the boredom that you are feeling, you don't need to be afraid he is angry and everything is even worse. It is precisely by talking about the two, you do not support the problem itself, there is he who is always ready to process with you because saturation is part of the process of maturity of relationships, the test for you together to fix what has been wrong between you two. If indeed he is still able to walk with you against the saturation, why do you even leave? What are your affections?

4. Remember again when you were together, he who has been one of your sources of enthusiasm when you are tired. Isn't it before the saturation arises, he who has made you passionate about your days? There is always support from him when your steps start sluggish and your mind starts to be pessimistic, he who never demands perfection from you. Do you leave people who have been sincere through the days that are not short with you? Try to remember your struggle to get it and the purpose of your relationship with him, do not be childish and just leave this relationship just because the subject is saturated.

5. When you are exhausted, isn't he always willing to erase your fatigue? People who are sincere next to you will always support and trust your abilities when you are facing a problem that is not easy. His figure also serves to help you develop into a better person, reminding you when you start the wrong path and want to listen to a series of your complaints when you start exhausted. It feels unfair, if you just get bored you have thought of going away from it.

6. Saturation is human, step aside for a moment and don't go away before regret approaching. Not only about relationships, living a life that is just like that does not rule out the possibility that you will feel bored, because everyone will feel like you are bored. Saturated can not be a logical reason to go leave. Before you even become sorry later, you should overcome saturation in other ways. After you communicate what you feel with your partner, make him understand that you only need to enjoy time with yourself and not intend to leave, then after that you will come back for him with more flavor than before.

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