Beauty Influencer Molita Lin Exclusive Interview: Dare and Confidence Is Koentji
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Beauty Influencer Molita Lin Exclusive Interview: Dare and Confidence Is Koentji

Beautiful, young, inspiring and passionate. The four words might be enough to describe the figure of the beauty vlogger hits, Molita Lin. Yup, for those of you who are keen on browsing beauty tips and tutorials on Youtube, maybe you are already familiar with the figure of Molita Lin who is familiarly called Moli. Having around 463,617 subcribers on his personal Youtube channel, Moli has uploaded more than 100 videos which mostly contain product reviews, beauty tutorials and various exciting activities with his small family. Almost always looks cheerful, fresh and charming. In almost all of the uploads it makes this young Mamah look like a complete complete package or not?

But don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that Moli easily gets what Do you get it right now. Of course to be successful, there is no instant thing right? Surely it takes time, struggle and sacrifice for Moli to be able to achieve goals in his life. In some Q & A videos and uploads on Instagram, Moli has told a few times about his life. Whatever it is, Moli managed to become a strong figure, inspiring and known many beauty enthusiasts throughout Indonesia, even though she is domiciled in Batam today. Luckily, Moli some time ago was willing to take the time to be interviewed by Hipwee. Through short interviews via e-mail, Moli answered several questions that might also make you curious while following her career path to becoming a beauty influencer. Check out the results of Hipwee's interview this time, Guys!

Congratulations, it has succeeded in becoming a beauty influencer who is increasingly loved by Indonesian citizens (and minimal drama). Can you tell me a little about the initial journey Moli started her career as a beauty vlogger? What are the first gadgets that have contributed to starting Moli's career? This career stems from a hobby that I like watching Youtube and after a while becomes a thought, why don't I start my own channel because I like sharing. And that's where I started to persevere until now. The most useful gadget, of course, is the camera and laptop.

What are the biggest obstacles when undergoing a career as a beauty blogger and wife and young mom?

The biggest obstacle is time. Because I need to manage my time well so that my work and family are not neglected.

What is Moli's greatest achievement while undergoing her current career?

There are several. One of them is collaborating with a local brand to make my own liptint. The name of the product is Glowtint x Goban cosmetics.

How does Moli divide up her work and housekeeping time? My husband is now full time helping me with this work. So the next morning when my child goes to school, that is when I work.

Who is the most influential person in Moli's career so far?

My husband. Without his endless support, I won't be where I am right now.

If you can only choose 2 make-up products for you to use for life, what is the product? Why? Eyebrow pencil. Because my eyebrows aren't thick enough, hehe! The second is lip tint. Because I look pale if I don't use lip products.

If Moli can create a product, whether it's cosmetics or whatever, what is that thing? Why?

I will make liptint. But because it has already been achieved, the next is my own clothing line

Have a special message for those who want to undergo careers as influencers too?

Be brave, believe in yourself and do it now!

If you don't become a beauty influencer / beauty blogger, what kind of profession will Moli be going through?

A housewife certainly, hehe In terms of career, maybe I will be a make-up artist or an entrepreneur.

10. What are Moli's other skills that many others don't know?

Playing music. I was a saxophone, violin, guitar and classical piano player.

11. Can you please specify 3 local products that most Moli likes? Can you give a reason?

Glow tint from Goban Cosmetic because the color is good and durable. Then Studio Tropik Priming Water because it really moisturizes the skin and highlighter from the Goban cosmetic, the results are really blinding! Being a beauty influencer does not mean the way is always smooth. But as long as what is being done is a hobby and passion, of course you will live happily, bro? Well, for those who are struggling to become beauty vloggers or beauty influencers, don't break up and keep on fighting! Anyway, thank you so much Moli is willing to share with readers throughout Indonesia. Success is always

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