Backpacker Guide to Sumba 4 Days 3 Nights. Suitable for adventurous hobbies and mediocre wallets
19 September 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 225
Backpacker Guide to Sumba 4 Days 3 Nights. Suitable for adventurous hobbies and mediocre wallets Hipwee Travel will provide special coverage of popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. We named it Travel Exploration Reportage. Every month we will explore a destination that is often a traveler's dream. Not just the destination, we will also discuss the perspectives and other stories about the destination that have not been previously narrated.

For this month's destination, our choice fell to Sumba, a tourist attraction that is often called paradise left in the world. There are 5 articles in the Sumba Tourist Exploration Reportage that will be published every day. Consider the fourth article discussing backpacker guides to Sumba. Come see!

Sumba is becoming a prime destination that is visited by many tourists. Since the past 2-3 years, travel influencers and celebrities have flocked there. So no wonder the prestige of Sumba increasingly skyrocketed in the timeline. Open trips also spread to facilitate the interest of travelers who want to vacation to Sumba.

Open trip is an ideal choice considering the Sumba field which is not too friendly for tourism. Especially between locations 1 with others so far and need more effort to come to all of them. With an open trip, at least you just sit quietly and prepare the camera for photos later. Open trip prices are also quite affordable, around 2-3 million.

But if you are not used to walking with other people and want to save a little, what can Hipwee do? Oh still, we will give a backpacker guide to Sumba for 4 days and 3 nights. Come see and try if you dare. Hehehe.

First day, start from Tambolaka. Search for lodging and find a vehicle for the trip tomorrow.

From Tambolaka airport you must check in immediately and find a vehicle for tomorrow. If you want to find a motorbike it is rather difficult. But if you want to ride a car it is rather expensive. Depending on your budget. For traveling to Sumba Barat Daya, Hipwee still recommends car rental. It's safer to ride a car. In the southern region is still a bit prone to crime, especially at night. Can I ride a motorbike, just what doesn't it cover a distance of 30km between one place and another?

Hotel: 250,000

Eat 2 times: 50,000

Second day, around Southwest Sumba starting from Lake Weekuri, Ratenggaro Traditional Village, Mbawana Beach and Tanjung Mareha View this post on Instagram

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Well, on this second day, the journey began in Sumba. Why doesn't it start on the first day? The remaining time for typing is only 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Rent a car is really hard? Right? The tight time will make the night too. For that it is better to be satisfied on this second day.

We agreed earlier, car rental costs 750 thousand per day. There are cheaper ones, there are many more expensive ones. It all depends on the negotiations. But we just make the standard. If the motorbike is cheaper, 100 or 150 thousand already been released. But if you add about 50 thousand gasoline, it's pretty good too. Not later, if anything happens, the rich tire leak or motorbike strikes in the middle of nowhere? Believe me, in Sumba it's a very little person. More weeds and horses roam.

The first tourist destination in Southwest Sumba is Lake Weekuri. For those of you who want to enjoy the freshness of a saltwater lake with a compulsory spectacular view here. Read the full guide to get to the lake in this article. After that you can visit Ratenggaro Traditional Village then Mbawana Beach and Mareha Cape.

Cars a day: 750,000

Eat 2 times: 50,000

Driver tips: 50,000

Enter tour ticket (all in): around 100,000

Hotel: 250,000

Third day, check out the hotel then head to East Sumba. There is a transport in the form of an Avanza car that goes to Waingapu every morning. Never take public transportation, because the journey can be up to a day

Not easy to find transport between cities in Sumba. That is why car rental is very important even though the fall is rather expensive. There are two choices for you who are backpackeran. Want to take the transportation to Waingapu and then stay there. Or you can rent a car from Tambolaka and return at night. For this second option, it is more tired and more expensive, because the average car rental is 1.3 million.

If you want to take public transportation, there is something, but morning goes to Waingapu. It arrived late afternoon. So it's a waste of time on the road. It's better if you ride the Avanza car (transportation too) but it doesn't stop. At 1pm, it's arrived. You can still go around that day.

Tambolaka-Waingapu: Avanza public transportation: 150,000

Hotel: 250,000

Eat 2 times: 50,000

2-day motorbike rental and gasoline: 250,000

Entering tourist attractions: 50,000

Rent a motorcycle in Waingapu. Continue walking alone to Puru Kambera, Walakiri Beach and then to Wairinding Hill

Arriving in Waingapu, immediately check in the hotel then rent a motorcycle. Riding a motorbike is cheaper and more efficient considering that Waingapu city is not very small, so it's just better to borrow it. Moreover, the location distance from one another is not far away. You can start to the Puru Kambera savanna to experience the typical African atmosphere. Once satisfied from there, immediately stop by Walakiri Beach where there are exotic dancing trees. Ahead of sunset, enjoy the Wairinding hill whose charm makes it goose bumps.

Last day, stop at Tenau Hill sunrise hunting. Then the afternoon to the airport, go home ...

In the morning you can come to Tenau hill which is not too far from Waingapu. Just ride the motorbike rich yesterday. After satisfied sunrise hunting at Tenau Hill, you must immediately return to the hotel and get ready to go home. If the hotel can do, there is an airport shuttle facility, so you don't need to spend more money making it to the airport.

Oh yeah, flights from Jakarta to Tambolaka and Waingapu-Jakarta are usually 3-3.5 million PP. There are several airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Batik, Wings and also NAM Air. So, it's quite expensive, the plane ticket. Save first.

The total cost of a backpacker trip to Sumba that we have been spending on is around Rp. 2,100,000, - assuming you are doing it yourself. If you come together, you can share the price of the car and the room, so it's only about 1.5 million. But yes that was, it was complicated and crazy if you took care of everything yourself there. It's also a little different with the trip price offered by Travel Organizer to Sumba. The difference is only 500 thousands, but it's comfortable, going everywhere in a car and there is a guideline too.

Everything is returned to you, yes, you want one that is tasty but a little expensive or rempong but a little cheaper. Hipwee Travel has given you detailed descriptions and prices, so everything is returned to you. If you want to go to Sumba using a trip or backpacker it doesn't matter, the important thing is to come there. Hehehe. Hopefully this guide will help you enough.

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