Backpacker Guide to Baduy in 2 Days 1 Night. Enough capital of three hundred thousand just can
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Backpacker Guide to Baduy in 2 Days 1 Night. Enough capital of three hundred thousand just can Hipwee Travel will provide special coverage of popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. We named it the Travel Exploration Reportage. Every month we will explore a destination that is often a traveler's dream. Not only the destination, we will also discuss the point of view and other stories about the destination that have never been prioritized.

For this month's destination, our choice fell to Baduy, a traditional village as well as a hidden tourist spot in remote Banten. There are 5 articles in the Baduy Tourism Exploration Reportage that will be published on Hipwee. Check out the fourth article about a backpacker budget guide to Inner Baduy. Come see and immediately vacation there!

First Article: Overnight Sensation Stay at Inner Baduy. Harmony with Nature Without Electricity, Cellphone and Toilet!

Second Article: Political Views of the Baduy Tribe: Asked to Choose Jokowi or Prabowo, Here's the Answer

Third Article: Getting to know Sunda Wiwitan, Religion that the Baduy Society Adheres to. What is the Concept of Their Worship?

Vacation to Baduy is easy and difficult. Easy because the location is not far from Jakarta. Only about 160 km away from the capital. Difficult because the access is practically not smooth. It takes a trip around 4-5 hours from Jakarta then trekking for hours. The 4-5 hour road trip is the same as going to Hong Kong or Nepal by plane. Hehehe. That is why the holiday to Baduy feels not as simple as you imagine.

Okay, don't be afraid to visit there. Difficult access to Baduy due to its location in the hills. Well, for those of you who want to know the backpacker guide to Baduy and the budget, Hipwee Travel is ready for you all.

Note: Trip to Baduy is rather difficult to do on your own, usually open trips are on average 10-20 people. Well for backpackers there are at least 5 people who depart together. We calculate the cost per person with a record number of 5 people.

First, to save costs let's take the KRL train from Tanah Abang. Just 8 thousand can get to Rangkasbitung

We start from Tanah Abang Station. To go to Baduy, we must first come to Rangkasbitung, the capital of Lebak Regency. The destination commuter line train to Rangkasbitung is available with quite a lot of schedule. The price is quite cheap, only 8 thousand rupiahs. The trip takes around 1.5 hours. Arriving at Rangkasbitung, don't forget to eat lunch first.

Tanah Abang-Rangkas KRL Ticket: 2 x 8000 = 16,000 PP

Lunch at Rangkas: 20,000

Second, specify the purpose of the entrance. There are two that you can choose, namely Ciboleger or Cijahe

Determining this entrance is important because the track is quite different. For those of you who like adventure and trekking while enjoying ainya crowded Baduy Luar with all their handicrafts, Ciboleger is more suitable. From Ciboleger to Baduy, it takes 4-5 hours of trekking. Good right? Pegel-puh-leg, bro. Hehe.

While if you choose Cijahe, you must be prepared with rocky and bumpy roads. Severely damaged and access. But the good thing is you just trekking 1 hour to get to the Inner Baduy. Jump to the destination and be more effective. But this route is far less popular than Ciboleger. Hipwee will calculate the budget for the purpose of Cijahe.

Wherever you go, you still have to rent an elf from Rangkasbitung. Elf rent price range 800-1 million huh. Up to 13 people can enter elves. But because only 5 people, you can ask for a discount to the driver. If it's smart to bid, you can get 750 thousand PP. Travel for 2.5 hours to Cijahe.

Elf rent: 750,000 / 5 people = 150,000 PP

When you arrive at Cijahe, you have prepared groceries to eat at the Inner Baduy. Don't forget to enter a donation for Baduy

Previously you had to prepare food ingredients to be cooked in the Inner Baduy. You need to spend on rice, vegetables, side dishes and drinking water, which is a lot, considering that clean water in Baduy is only from river water. Don't forget light snacks, coffee, tea or sugar. Later you will ask the host to cook dinner and breakfast for your group. Don't forget to fill in the guest book and slip a sheet of 50 thousands in the book.

Donation to Baduy: 50,000 for one group or 10,000 per person

Shopping for food: 300,000 divided by 5 people into per person

The next cost is to rent a Baduy Dalam house and a guide that accompanies you. If you have funds, give more for them, huh

The most important cost is of course for the fee guide and host. Usually the guide is paid 300 thousand per person. If you need another porter, huh? While the host is only 200 thousand. But it would be better if you compare it if you increase it. This as a thank you for being entertained and staying at their home. But if it's not there, 200 thousand doesn't matter.

Guide: 300,000 per guide divided by 5 people = 60,000

House: 200,000 per house divided by 5 people = 40,000

Lunch when you go home: 20,000

Total expenditure during backpacker to Inner Baduy

Train ticket: 16,000

Lunch at Rangkas: 20,000

Elf rent: 150,000

Food shopping: 60,000

Donation: 10,000

Guide: 60,000

Host: 40,000

Lunch when you go home: 20,000

Total expenditure: 376,000 rupiah per person

Affordable - not a backpacker vacation to Baduy. If you find an open trip it's cheaper, that's simply because the 'joint venture' is more people. That money is counted as cheap for the exotic Baduy tour.

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