As a result of not being shampooed to be Bad Hair Day 7 This Strategy Must Be Applied For Your Hair to Be Full
18 September 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 305
As a result of not being shampooed to be Bad Hair Day 7 This Strategy Must Be Applied For Your Hair to Be Full Hair condition is one of the things that affects the level of PD in appearance. Ideally, the hair needs to be washed at least every two days to stay healthy and look neat. Unfortunately, many girls miss it because of several things. As a result, her hair becomes dirty, flat, oily, and not okay at all. Not to mention if he has to wear a helmet when driving for daily activities. No need to ask, it feels like you want to change a new hair as soon as possible.

If you experience it often, don't worry, Hipwee Style has a few tricks to get around the bad hair day, especially for the limp hair and don't have time to wash. Immediately check!

1. Avoid straying your hair when you have a bad hair day, cut your hair in messy but stylish messy bun style

For you who have long hair, maybe this method has often been applied. The simplest way is to kick it in a ponytail. But if the ponytail doesn't save enough, try messy bun, the fast-paced style that looks relaxed, messy, but still stylish. The trick is also easy, you just comb your hair with your fingers, bring it to the top of the head, then roll your hair and tie it. No need to be neat, because the messy effect is sought. It's safe, it won't be discovered that you are again a bad hair day!

2. Aside from being smothered, braiding hair can disguise your loose hair that hasn't been washed yet

If you are bored with the style of a ponytail or swollen, braiding hair will save your limp hair. There are many types of braids that are unique and make hair look beautiful. Maybe you are having a little trouble memorizing the many braids, but you can learn them through the following tutorial. Or you can ask for help from your friend who is experienced enough to clamp your hair. Done!

3. Change the part of your hair in the opposite direction to give the effect expand, then pinch with bobby pin

Well, this method will be effective for those whose hair is short or unbearable, especially messy and irregular. Try changing the part of your hair in the opposite direction, or if your hair has a middle part, make it into a side hemisphere. This method will give an expanding effect on the hair that is split in the opposite direction. If it feels less okay, you can pin the bobby pin in the fluffy hair. In this way, you will appear "intentionally" pinching and styling your hair in messy style. Even though, indeed, it's a real mess berantakan

4. Add a hair accessory that hides the flat and makes it look more attractive

Experiment with hair accessories to get around the bad hair day. For example, by pinching your phoenix which is limp and not really with a narrow hairpin. Use bandana or scarf creations to shift the focus of your view so that it doesn't completely go into your messy hair. Or, you can also wear hats when you hang out outdoors to cover hair deficiencies and look different. There's no reason not to PD!

5. Teasing the base of the hair will make your hair look more swollen and not caught out

This one way is quite helpful for the owner of straight hair. How, for the hair to be in the same section, then sasak slowly from the base of the hair slowly and repeatedly. Use a sasak special comb that is rather tight. The result, the hair will look more volume and not shiny due to limp. Then just set it as usual!

6. Use dry shampoo when bad hair day is really important, especially if your hair is really oily

Dry shampoo is arguably a magic product that you need to stock. Its function is to absorb dirt and oil in the hair so that it looks healthier and tastier. How to use it is also very easy. Simply spray dry shampoo little at the root of the hair, then comb your hair with your fingers and wipe the hair roots with tissue or oil paper. And, voila! your hair will look good again, volume and fragrant too.

If you don't have dry shampoo, just sprinkle baby powder so that the oils on the ends of the hair can be cured.

7. If you still have enough time to wash your hair but not all of it, wash it only in certain parts

Sounds like a lot of trouble. But this method can be applied if you really want to wash it but not enough time if you wash your entire hair for fear of being dry and in a hurry. In this case, just wash certain parts of the hair, for example in the loose part of the bangs, or from the middle to the ends of the hair that look really from the front. After that, wait dry. No need to wait long, your front hair will be more fresh and not shy.

Next time, if you find your hair is not cooperative and it is difficult to manage because it hasn't got shampoo, how to the above can save. Don't feel inferior and stay PD, yeah!

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