Are you pregnant Congratulations Don t Forget to Do These 8 Things for First Aid
30 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Young Mom 198
Are you pregnant Congratulations Don t Forget to Do These 8 Things for First Aid For couples who are legally married and not delaying pregnancy, the presence of the baby who signals his presence through two lines on the testpack is a priceless gift. The happier again for the wife when the husband who received the news welcomed with gratitude, as shown by the romantic couple, Raisa and Hamish some time ago. Duh, it really makes the two volume baper!

In addition to giving thanks, of course there are some initial steps that should be done by the mother when she first realized her pregnancy. In order not to be confused, let alone panic when welcoming the first pregnancy, here Hipwee will present some important steps that you must do in early pregnancy. Listen until the review runs out!

1. The first step is to begin to be vigilant and even stop all kinds of vitamins or medicines that you are currently using

Whether it's a daily vitamin that you usually consume, a migraine reliever or maybe a mild skin ointment, you should stop while all kinds of oral or topical medications that you consume until you have consulted with your doctor and get the green light. . Don't be considered trivial because the early trimester is a crucial period of fetal formation for the future.

2. The second step, of course, stops eating foods that are more chemical additives than the benefits. Yes, be patient first, especially this is only the first trimester

This problem may have many pros and cons. But remember, during the first trimester of pregnancy including the determination of the baby, where vital organs are being formed. There is no harm in holding back lust first to not consume various snacks or junk food that you normally consume. There are many years of your life that you can use to enjoy unhealthy snacks, lasting 3-9 months should not be heavy, for the health and intelligence of the baby later.

3. Immediately hunt for a doctor or midwife who will be your place of control and consultation during pregnancy. Trying one to two places until you find one that is really not sinful,

In addition to looking for references on the internet, you can also search for references from people nearby. Look for the doctor or midwife who suits you best, a minimum that can provide a sense of security and comfort.

4. You can really announce the happy news to the closest person like your family and closest friends

Some say news of pregnancy should be spread after the first 3 months. This is relative, yes, depending on each mother's confidence. But for the beginning, it doesn't hurt to let the closest people know first. Besides sharing happiness, also ask for your blessing. The rest, want to be saved first or directly uploaded on social media, it's up to you and the important partner is not excessive.

5. Start reducing physical activity that is too heavy and tiring. Moreover, the content in the first trimester is still very susceptible to interference

Yes, Hipwee knows your activities may be many and you don't feel comfortable sitting around. It doesn't matter how to stay active while undergoing pregnancy. But the initial trimester is very vulnerable especially in the early weeks when the fetus is not perfectly attached to the uterine wall. Take these times to rest more and begin to reduce heavy work that requires you to lift weights, climb or jump. Oh yes, you should start stopping directly in contact with floor cleaners or bathrooms, which are quite hard and dangerous.

6. Although there are many myths that are developing, it is better to stay rational and follow the advice of health practitioners who are competent in their fields

If the myth is about not going out at night, then you can take the wisdom so you don't catch a cold. But if it doesn't make sense and is actually dangerous, such as eating or drinking certain ingredients that are not clearly safe, just refuse it.

7. During the early trimester, increase your intake of protein, fresh vegetables and fruits. This is important because the initial trimester is the initial formation of the baby in the womb.

Many eat fruits, vegetables, drink water and a variety of protein intake such as beef, chicken meat, chicken liver and various fish that are low in risk of exposure to mercury. Rice doesn't have to be double because it's just a myth, just eat as usual, the important vitamins from the doctor are routinely consumed and your diet is healthy.

8. Not to forget, usually the doctor or midwife will ask the pregnant woman to do a number of check-ups to ensure hemoglobin, blood sugar, blood pressure and urine protein in the normal body

Usually also at the beginning of pregnancy the doctor will refer the mother to do a complete urine examination and blood tests to find out the condition of the mother is healthy and ready to undergo pregnancy. Dental examinations will generally be recommended by an obstetrician in the early trimester. In addition, there are also a number of additional examinations that can also be done if doctors recommend and there are more funds.

Do not forget, in the beginning of pregnancy there may be a lot of confusion that you feel and there will be a lot of input from parents to friends who have been pregnant. No need to be upset if given a suggestion, that is a sign that people care and want to share. Affairs are obeyed or not, it's your full right. What is certain is that the good ones don't hurt to be followed, while the less rational ones like drinking grass decoction that don't have a medical foundation should not be responded to. Living healthy, balanced and keeping the mood happy is more important so that the mother and baby are always. Excitement!

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