Apply These 5 Tricks to Clean Shoes and Prevent Disturbing Foot Odor. Don t Wait for the Terasi Aroma to Appear
28 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Tips 552
Apply These 5 Tricks to Clean Shoes and Prevent Disturbing Foot Odor. Don t Wait for the Terasi Aroma to Appear As one of the essential fashion objects in life, shoes play an important role in all our daily activities. Not only the matter of price, comfort and models are often the main consideration for someone in choosing shoes. In addition to choosing the one that suits your taste, caring for your shoes properly is also important, so that your footwear is more durable, still looks sleek and most importantly it doesn't smell like feet. Ugh, it's not really good if your shoes smell fishy all day?

Calm down, before you retire your shoes at home, this time Hipwee will share easy tricks that you can practice at home to keep your shoes clean and fragrant like you just bought. Yes, at least 90%, huh? Hey, let's look at the reviews together and don't forget to try at home!

1. The first step, you need to know each shoe has a different cleaning trick. For leather shoes, you can do this to clean it

To clean the stains on the original or synthetic leather shoes on the loafers or boots, you really don't need to bother brushing them with extra energy. Just make a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap, then dip a soft cloth then wipe slowly onto the outermost surface of the shoe. Next, just clean the remaining liquid soap with warm water using a soft cloth. Dry it with a towel, and wind it. If it's very dirty, you can mix the soap solution with a little baking soda. Easy right?

2. As for shoes like sneakers made from canvas and the like, dirt in the soles you can clean with toothpaste without a mixture of water

Do not soak the shoes for too long in soapy water solutions because they run the risk of removing color and making your shoes dull or discolored. Try to take steps to care for shoes from this Nike page which can be an illustration, how should you take care of your dirty sneakers. The first step, remove all the sand and dirt in your shoes until it's clean. Use the help of a soft shoe brush. Make a fairly soft soap and water solution. Use a small amount of dishwashing soap with warm water to brush the surface and the inside of the shoe using a soft toothbrush. Avoid brushing hard sensitive areas such as the synthetic leather part of the shoe that is prone to peeling off. You can use a soft towel for this part. If your shoes are very dirty, you can mix a solution of soap and water with half a small cup of white vinegar. If it's not there, a tablespoon of baking soda can also help. Let stand for a few moments before you use it. For the shoe sole area, you can use toothpaste without a mixture of water to remove stubborn stains.

3. Fortunately to get rid of the smell, just try doing a few of these easy tips. To be sure, keeping your feet clean is a must!

Diligent cleaning and washing shoes can help reduce the risk of foot odor from shoes. But if you are trapped, you can try doing the following: Inserting coffee bean bags into each shoe can help reduce the unpleasant odor of your favorite footwear. Sprinkling baking soda into shoes can also help. This is one of the most successful tricks, there's nothing wrong with trying. Using fragrant cat sand can also be a solution. Let it not be dirty, put the sand in a cloth bag or cover the inside of the shoe with a tissue. Putting newspapers into shoes can be a mainstay trick when you suddenly need shoes that don't smell. Do this at least a night before. If it's very ... very trapped, anti-spray odor specifically for helmets and shoes is worth a try. Usually this is an instant result, but it doesn't last long. Freezing shoes turns out to be one of the tricks to eliminate unpleasant odors from shoes. Try it, hehe. Finally, spraying your feet with anti-odor spray specifically for your feet and sprinkling anti-perspirant powder on your feet can be a trick you try, so that your feet don't make smelly shoes. Don't forget, diligently clean and wind your shoes.

4. Finally, for some stubborn stains you can try using home-based ingredients such as cleaning nail polish to re-shine your shoes

For white sneakers, you can try using a nail polish cleaner and a clothing bleaching solution that has been dissolved in water other than cleaned with a solution of soap and warm water.

5. For shoes that are rather sensitive, such as suede or fleece, try to clean them by wiping them with a damp cloth dipped in a solution of water and a little soapy water.

In addition to keeping shoes clean, keeping your feet clean is also the key to keep your shoes away from smell. Store in a place with good air circulation is also important, so that the shoes do not become damp and moldy. Hopefully this article can help and you are no longer struggling with matters of foot odor!

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