Apartments in Beijing Viral because the Bathroom Wall is Transparent. Shame Dong Can Diliatin People
26 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 502
Apartments in Beijing Viral because the Bathroom Wall is Transparent. Shame Dong Can Diliatin People The bathroom is the most private place in modern human life. In that small room, we can freely take off our clothes without having to be ashamed of other people. In that room also humans throw dirt and clean themselves. Many even feel comfortable and calm when in the bathroom. Are you like that too?

For this reason, the bathroom must always be closed and as much as possible the activity inside cannot be seen. The tightly closed space will make people in it more calm and comfortable. But what if the bathroom walls are not walls but transparent glass? Wow, it looks like it's' if it's taking a shower. Well, this happened on China and viral not long ago.

Michael Bellart, an editor of a publishing media is hunting for apartments. He found an apartment that was hilarious because of its design. The bathroom is transparent and located in the middle of the kitchen

Apartment hunting in Beijing: there is always one thing wrong - very, very wrong

- Michael Bellart (@michaelbellart) November 17, 2018

Michael Bellart is in need of an apartment and looking for it in Beijing, China. He went around looking for apartments, but it was a lot of pity that disappointed him. But from the various shortcomings in the apartment he was looking for, nothing exceeded the uniqueness of this apartment. There seems to be an error in the design. Somehow the bathroom is in the middle of the kitchen and transparent glass walls. It's really weird, right? The bathroom is quite spacious, there is a shower, sink and toilet. Just love the walls are transparent!

Transparent glass walls are certainly not comfortable. The bathroom is like this as if it is not insulated from the outside. For those who take a shower or urinate, they will feel uncomfortable to be seen by other people, even though their own family. For those outside, they will also be disturbed if there is a person taking a shower or urinating and clearly seen. Surely the outside or inside will feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Except for the husband and wife alone, even then it is still embarrassing if the bathroom is like this. Comments on the Twitter account @michaelbellart were crowded with photos of transparent bathrooms in other places. It's more exciting. This is one of the most epic replies. Let alone there is a glass wall, this bathroom is not restricted to any living room

- Meto_D (@MT_TSI) November 18, 2018

This post was viral on Twitter and was liked by more than 26 thousand people. His comments were hilarious, one of them was this one comment. There was still a glass in Beijing, the house in Toronto, the bathroom didn't have any insulation with the family room. This is funny. Especially in the corner there is a closet sitting not far from the door. Do you want to take a shower open like that? Hehehe.

Well, dare you make your bathroom transparent? I'm sure it's not going to be long in the bathroom. Afraid of being peered, hehe.

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