Anything Worry, 1 Private Things Regarding This Child You Should Not Spread on Social Media. The risk is more than Malu Doang
18 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Young Mom 351
Anything Worry, 1 Private Things Regarding This Child You Should Not Spread on Social Media. The risk is more than Malu Doang How important is it for you to maintain the good image of your son or daughter in the virtual world? At first glance it seems trivial, even though digital footprint in cyberspace is very crucial. Once you have uploaded something, even though eventually you delete the upload, the upload may not actually be lost from circulation. Yep, it could be that during this time the photos of disgrace and shame that you uploaded could backfire in the future. Moreover, before you delete, nothing can guarantee that nothing is fun to capture the upload screen right? God forbid, if it happens!

Not only uploading photos that are considered private, uploading important personal information such as home addresses and children's schools should also be avoided so as not to provoke crime against children. Do not get because of your anxiety, child safety is at stake. So that you become a parent, brother, or uncle and aunt who is more sensitive and alert, see the 10 things that should not be uploaded arbitrarily on social media and biodata your account in cyberspace. Check, is there a habit that you still like to do until now?

1. Sharing photos of ugly children when he is crying out and tantrums is a very unwise thing to do. Lah, did you like your photo when the riot was uploaded?

You can only be angry if a friend casually uploads a video you are cranky or angry. Yes, your childhood as an individual or not? Your child can't speak up now, but rest assured that he realizes that someday he will demand irritation, "Oh, how come Mom has the heart!"

2. Share photos of children while taking a bath, pup, pee or so on. Please, you should be mature enough and wise not to share this private thing!

Do not let a video or photo when a child is being potty training disseminated in cyberspace, let alone detailed, without censoring the scene in the photo. Why? Yes, because it is a private activity, which is not necessarily enjoyed by others. Besides inviting danger from child predators, you can also embarrass your child someday!

3. Upload a photo when a child is not dressed, or just dressed in a potential to embarrass children in the future. The danger isn't worth it!

Gemas is reasonable, but sharing nude photos of children or photos that expose open areas of children such as the buttocks and chest intentionally seems to be passed first. Don't want your children to be public consumption, especially by those who target small children?

4. Upload photos of children at home with a caption that explains the address details. Duh, how happy is it that in 2018 there are still those who share risk information for free?

It's outrageous to feel fine sharing the details of your residential address on social media. Ok, your house is nice, comfortable and luxurious. But it doesn't need to be as simple as it does right

5. Share photos of children while in school uniform, complete with name tags and school addresses. Not all details of school fees and just daily PR updates?

At first glance it looks safe, even though uploading photos of children in uniforms complete with school information only by inviting evil intentions from people unknown to you. It's better to share more neutral and useful information

6. Share close-up photos of children complete with various captions containing all personal information, until the medical record is carefully listed

At a glance, sharing photos of children in anxious poses when the visit to the pediatrician for monthly control feels fine. What's not really good is sharing it followed by the detailed details of the child's medical record, which is risky so information is useful for criminals. Body weight, height, medical history and others should save it for you alone

7. Upload your jokes and personal partners when with children. Aside from being inappropriate to do, it is also vulnerable to trigger you into bully material

Just being outrageous isn't really enough. Especially if it is immortalized and uploaded? Think again, if you want to joke with a child

8. God forbid, uploading photos of children when sick or injured is tantamount to dismantling their disgrace to the whole world. Remember, once uploaded it will continue in the virtual world forever

A child in a table in a funny position might be interesting to capture in a video. But sure you want to upload it on social media?

9. Collecting photos or videos when a child is being scolded is also inappropriate. That means I want to give an example of discipline education. But ...

The intention is to give an example of discipline, but sure it doesn't even turn into bullies?

10. Confiding about children's growth and development is also not wise to do on social media. It's better to via DM to a friend or just a relative

If you want to vent about child development, you should pick and choose stalls. Mending all confide to friends or close family. Especially if you consult about children's health, you should go straight to the doctor, right!

No matter how funny our children are, it's best to choose what things should be kept by yourself. If necessary, create a private group specifically for families to share photos of children so that the intensity of children's photos on personal social media does not increase. Yes, it is indeed difficult when you have become a mother where all child development is adorable and makes it nervous but for the sake of the comfort and safety of the children themselves, is it not willing to give up our personal desires? After all, there are still many things that can be shared right, hehe. Come on, it's wiser to use social media!

Author's note: All photos used in this article use photos uploaded on parenting pages, national media pages and free licensed photo pages. These photos are used as supporting illustrations for the article.

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