Again Viral Passenger Protests Durian Odor in Sriwijaya Air. Can you not take a plane to transport Durian
19 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 109
Again Viral Passenger Protests Durian Odor in Sriwijaya Air. Can you not take a plane to transport Durian Passengers on the Sriwijaya Air plane from Bengkulu heading to Jakarta "went berserk" when the plane was about to take off. The problem is that the smell of durian is very strong in the cabin before departure. They protested over the sharp smell of durian. While in the cabin it feels hot because the AC is off. Until finally they did not want to leave if there was still the smell of durian that was smelled from the plane. The passengers requested that the durian be lowered.

This ridiculous incident occurred at Fatmawati airport, Bengkulu on Monday (11/5). What is the chronological event and how does the law carry durian in flight? Come see the Hipwee Travel review this time.

This incident was viral on social media after a netizen named Amir Zidane uploaded videos and photos on Facebook.

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Assalamualaikum wr.wbAt finally I had to tell the incident this morning at Fatmawati Soekarno airport ...

Posted by Amir Zidane on Monday, November 5 2018

Facebook posts are viral and have been distributed more than 20 thousand times. In this post, Amir told the chronology of the incident on the Sriwijaya Air plane in the Bengkulu-Jakarta department. Initially the passenger had smelled the durian aroma since it entered the aircraft cabin. The air is hot because the air conditioner is off and the scent that is getting stung makes passengers uncomfortable. They also complained to the officers because of the smell. They threatened not to leave if the durian was not lowered. As a result the officer lowered the durian weighing approximately 3 tons. After the durian was lowered, the passengers then re-entered and the plane departed safely until Jakarta.

Because of this post, the Mandala plane accident case in 2005 also surfaced. Many assume the plane crash because of carrying durian. Even though it's not true at all

"Bro ... this smell of durian is very bad, 1 hour, we smell like this later. Then do you know if there is an accident that failed to take off in Medan ???

The sentence is in the Facebook status. Hipwee emphasizes that this opinion is not true. From the final results, the NTSC investigation did not mention aircraft cargo as a factor in the fall of Mandala with the RI91 flight number. In the NTSC investigation, the main causes of the RI91 accident were flaps (extra fins on the wings) and aircraft slats that did not stick out, and the crew (pilots and copilots) did not know it due to technical damage that was not realized by the crew. Finally the plane failed to take off and overrun so that it crashed into residential areas. A total of 100 passengers died while 17 others survived.

So the conclusion of the Mandala plane accident in Medan in 2005 was not due to durian. It's true that the plane carried durians, but the cause of the accident was not because of that. Stop spreading the negative stigma.

Durian, half love half-dead, half hate half-dead anyway. It's not a problem that the airline is carrying durian, it's just that it must be packaged properly so that the smell doesn't disturb passengers.

Actually, aircraft that carry durians in cargo are allowed but must be well packed so as not to interfere with flight safety. It's just that, with a large amount of durian protested yesterday, it was not properly packed so that it smelled so strong that it reached the cabin. So it's natural for passengers to protest to the cabin crew. This is because durian does have a very strong aroma. Many love half dead and hate half with durian. For those who are not strong with the aroma can be very annoying. So the complaint at Sriwijaya Air is still said to be reasonable and could be an important input for packing durian fruit properly. Yet 3 tons are still within safe limits.

Yes, hopefully next time to package it better so that it doesn't make passengers uncomfortable.

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