A row of OOTD 2 19 JFW Spectators Who Are Not Losing Fashionable. Most Relaxing Like What
26 Oktober 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 287
A row of OOTD 2 19 JFW Spectators Who Are Not Losing Fashionable. Most Relaxing Like What Fashion lovers certainly still remember the grand performance held two days ago in the capital. In addition to being enlivened by several well-known Indonesian designers, this annual event was also attended by several guest stars from celebrities. Not to mention the presence of the kece minister's mother, Susi Pudjiastuti, who at that time joined in swinging on the Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) stage and invited the audience's admiration at that time.

Stop first to focus on paying attention to the style of the performers, from the models that show their clothes to other treats that are no less entertaining. Now Hipwee Style wants to invite you to observe the OOTD of the JFW audience in 2019. What is that semicircular? Or do you have nothing to relax?

1. His style is very casual, combining shirts, pants, as well as baby pink accessories. Who is a big fan of pink?

2. If this one actually experimented with hit-and-fall colors and motifs. It really needs special tricks so it doesn't make you confused when seen

3. Are you hooded and want to style hip-hop? Try copying OOTD with red pants and cape tops. Enhanced with sneakers and small color glasses

4. No fun but on point. This audience wears a knee-length black vest top with bright red culottes

5. Other than the others, these models use a long tartan coat. Don't miss the red ankle boots for statement items

6. If you don't want to bother, you can wear a jumpsuit or a plain black romper then mix it with sandals or heels that match the color

7. The diagonal patterned tunic also looks fashionable to wear on fashion shows. Not to mention the shoes with open heels that are cool!

8. Using a strapless top with 7/8 culottes for your subordinates will make you look casual but still feminine

9. Wearing a plain black canal dress that is modified and added some funny motif materials will make you look eccentric

10. Or a black canal with the top of the skirt with a uniform motif. The blinding shoes will sweeten the display

11. This is really funny! A dress with sheer accents on the chest and an A-line skirt that expands gives the impression of being fun and attractive

12. Pregnant women who wear hijab did not want to be outdone, one of the spectators wore a bright yellow blouse with wrinkle accents and draperies and undercoat pleated skirts and sneakers. Uh, ok!

13. The combination of plain black jumpsuit with white jacket and kettles tops is just as cool as

14. The hijab ladies also look relaxed with dark green culottes, gray cuff tops and black vest

15. The choice of gold color and leopard motif gives a vibrant and luxurious impression to the look. Not to mention added with strappy shoes and other shaky accessories

Apparently OOTD, the audience of JFW 2019 also didn't lose, huh? When assessed, which OOTD is the best and right to come to fashion shows, guys?

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