9 Tips for a Financial Expert to Manage Finance at a Marriage. You Obviously Don t Just Eat Love
18 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Success 343
9 Tips for a Financial Expert to Manage Finance at a Marriage. You Obviously Don t Just Eat Love Getting married is a trip with a one-way route. Once it has begun, obviously there won't be a way to return. Therefore, carefully designing household preparation in the beginning of marriage is very important, so that you and your partner don't get dizzy and noisy because of financial problems. Whether it's you and your partner are a partner working or just relying on the husband alone, implementing a precise strategy for financial management is one of the important keys to the nobility of marital relations.

Well, managing finances in the first year of marriage is easy. So as not to get a wrong step, make sure you apply the 9 tips reported by Forbes, so that you and your partner won't go bankrupt first when you start your household ark!

1. Therese Nicklas, a certified financial planner from the United States says honesty about financial problems is an important foundation in marriage. It's not easy, but it must be done!

The first step before stepping into the marriage level is to rectify all kinds of financial problems for you and your partner. Yes, sometimes it's a bit difficult to open up to each other, but discussing money and managing it before the wedding is officially held will minimize future misunderstandings, believe me! So don't hesitate to talk about your financial goals and your partner, their respective financial history and habits.

Hayo, who usually likes to shop for cosmetics for millions, not to be quoted from her husband! Even the husband, who likes to spend millions of money just for the sake of hobbies, don't forget to be frank in the beginning to potential partners

2. The second step, start collecting all the assets that you and your partner have and calculate the amount. Check the nominal value with details

Together with your partner, collect all your assets together, savings in the bank, deposits, gold deposits, land until installments and outstanding debt. Find the exact nominal assets of your two assets, and make sure how many installments must be paid together. Remember, after marriage, property should be shared, no longer mine and yours.

3. Establish important financial goals, so that future money management is not neglected

Therese Nicklas recommends setting 3 financial goals, for example, the first goal is to make emergency deposits for the next 3-6 months. Then the goal for medium-term savings, which is about 5 years ahead for down payment or vacation funds. The third is to set aside long-term savings funds, for example for school preparation for children.

4. Determining the budget for everything is very important at the beginning of marriage. In order for your finances and your partner not to be large pegs rather than poles

So if you can buy 200 thousand perfumes, obey the budget. No need to pretend to be proud of buying 1 million perfume which is clearly over budgeted. Determine the budget for all things, starting from monthly shopping, budget for recreation to transportation costs. Yes, it really needs strong determination for this!

5. Decide that you and your partner want to implement a shared, separate and shared financial system or completely separate

From the beginning, discuss with the couple about saving money both will be run with what system. No need to baper if invited to keep separate, so do not be crazy if the money is kept together. Communicate everything for the common good and make sure the decision is the result of a mutual agreement, not just one side.

6. Determine who should pay for all regular weekly, monthly or annual expenses. Make sure you and your partner spend every 2 weeks discussing this too

The point is that finance remains well controlled. Talking about financial matters with a partner professionally should not be difficult if you and your partner have agreed and are mature about financial management.

7. Determine the exact nominal, what is the limit on the amount of expenditure that you and your partner are obliged to discuss

For example, spending around 200 thousands on personal needs will not be a problem for couples. Well, another thing if you spend more than 5 million, it must be based on mutual agreement so that no partner is disappointed or shocked by the amount of the expenditure.

8. Always communicate with your partner, about how much to spend when suddenly a friend or family borrows money

Sounds trivial huh? Even though this is really important. Discuss from the beginning with your partner, how to behave when the nearest person suddenly needs financial assistance. This is to avoid future misunderstandings.

9. If possible, update the financial documents that need your approval so that the partner can be delegated the same power

This is optional, so don't forget to communicate with your partner.

10. Finally, as an added bonus ... in order to survive at the beginning of the wedding, do not pretend to be proud of shopping for discount items and diligently cooking at home. This can cut expenses quite a lot!

Cook is a bit troublesome, so as long as it can still be done (for example no child will ever like to cook in the kitchen), do it as best you can so that family finances are always maintained. Eating out will be very wasteful!

Well, it's no longer confused, how do you manage finance at the beginning of marriage? The first years of marriage are quite heavy, especially if you and your partner start at 0, plus they run out of holding a dream reception party, hehe. Hopefully you and your partner will always be enthusiastic, remember that the difficulties in the beginning will gradually disappear along the way of marriage. Remember, everything is time!

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