9 Hacks Let Your Job Application Be Received. The Time for Unemployed Is Not Good Problem
23 September 2018 Dewi Suniyah Motivation 359
9 Hacks Let Your Job Application Be Received. The Time for Unemployed Is Not Good Problem

Being a brown envelope fighter is not easy. Especially for fresh graduates, they have to be mentally prepared if there is a lot of rejection. Understandably it's still twinkling and not yet a lot of experience.

So what's the matter that needs to be noticed when becoming a brown envelope fighter? Though there are many rivals in finding work. Let's find out what things should be considered when applying for a job!

1. 1. Find Out Information about the Company

Don't be in a hurry to apply for a job. It's a good idea to find out first about the company information. Learn the profile of the company you want to apply. It is also useful to strengthen your reasons why you want to be part of the company.

2. 2. Find Out the Job Desk of the Position to Apply

The next important thing is to find out what job desk you want to apply for. Even though you have experience, at least by finding out in advance the job desk that you will be working on can make you better prepared. For fresh graduates, by finding out the job desk that will be done later can help you prepare your skills and mentally. So that when you start working, don't be surprised by the various tasks given from your boss.

3. 3. Pay attention to Terms and Conditions

It is very important to pay attention to the terms and conditions. If you meet the criteria that the company is looking for, then it is possible for you to pass the selection. At least pass the administrative stage first. Then you can continue to the next stage, namely interview or interview.

4. 4. Pay attention to Working Hours

Don't forget to pay attention to the working hours that apply in the company, mate! Every company has its own provisions related to working hours for its employees. If you feel that the working hours are less flexible or not what you expected, it's a good idea to think again.

Don't be tempted by large salaries and bonuses, then you agree without thinking about the risks behind it all.

5. 5. Adjust Capabilities

This is important too. Pay attention to the abilities you have. Do not be tempted by a high salary or a strategic position then you do not pay attention to the abilities you have. the company is looking for. Although the company usually provides training or training period to new employees, but it's good if you also pay attention to the skills you have. It's possible that the job you're working on isn't right and makes you depressed.

Indeed, all of this can be learned, but it's also good for you to adjust your abilities with the field that you are interested in.

6. 6. Pay attention to the CV and Application Letter

An attractive CV will usually be a separate plus for you. Create a CV as interesting as possible with content that clearly explains your profile. Likewise with a job application letter. If the company wants a job application letter in hand, then write it neatly and clearly so that it is easy to read. Usually handwriting is also a way for the company to recognize your personality. So, don't let your writing be difficult to read yaa!

7. 7. Time

This is also very important gaiss! Notice the file collection deadline expires. Do not exceed the specified limit. Or you collect it at the last moment the time limit has been set. As much as possible, the file containing the terms and conditions is sent in a timely manner. This indicates that you are serious and really want to be part of the company. Don't forget to double-check all files before they are given to the HRD or the relevant department.

8. 8. Pay attention to each step

Usually a company will provide information about the stages that will be passed by job applicants. So still pay attention. Don't let anyone miss it. Usually these stages will be notified via email or short message. Don't be bored to check your email and cellphone regularly.

9. 9. Confidence

Confidence is the key so you dare to appear in public. Including when going to apply for a job at a company. Don't be insecure just because many competitors also apply in the same company as you. You must appear confident and confident in your abilities. If indeed the company hasn't become your soul mate, then don't be sad. Just positive thinking that someday you will get a better change than that. Stay sharp and keep learning to improve your skills. Who knows, there are companies that are secretly attracted to you then call you and make you part of it.

Stay motivated for those of you who are currently in the process of finding a job that suits your interests and abilities and your personality. Don't give up quickly! If you have not been lucky, get up and try again until you succeed. Good Luck, friend!

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