8 Your Guys That Feel Sucks, But This Evidence Is Unfortunately For You
04 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 204
8 Your Guys That Feel Sucks, But This Evidence Is Unfortunately For You Every relationship has a different storyline - including who is more dominant in controlling the relationship. There is a type of relationship that the guy is more dominant, and vice versa. This dominance is usually seen from how often you or your guy advises or invites you to discuss about his anxiety.

For you womenfolk, maybe you are often annoyed when your lover is about something. Comment on your style of dress, complain about your behavior, or advise other things. It's true that it's really bad to take it, but try you think ... where is it more often, he or you? After all, true malevolence is a manifestation of belonging and unfortunately to you. For example, some of the words you hear this often.

1. "Do you buy more clothes? You haven't used the one yesterday "

Those of you who like to be annoyed when you comment on shopping continue, actually you don't need to be cranky or angry. Because this is how it is, even though you seem to interfere with your hobbies, actually your guy is actually just reminding you to save money. After all, don't you need an alarm for a habit that often harms you? Remember you often regret after shopping because it turns out that similar clothes are in your closet? You also often complain when you want to tidy up the closet because there are too many clothes?

2. "You don't have any other pants? How come you use pants that are lacking in material "

If your guy likes to advise you about dress style, that's the sign he cares about you. In fact he wants to keep you from the temptations of the masses on the road, he wants to avoid you from their mischievous behavior. He also doesn't want you to catch a cold when he comes out at night and doesn't want your feet to be black.

3. "Reduce the hangout, make the money saved for others"

Your guy already knows that walking is your hobby. Instead of curbing it, he was just reminding that preparing savings for the future is also important. God only knows the future, who can guarantee that your sustenance will overflow? This is the meaning of your girlfriend's words, she wants you to prepare everything. Traveling is important, but it must be limited not every month too.

4. "Don't be angry, you can still chat first"

You who are annoyed when your boyfriend interferes with your personal problems, try to look again at your guy just want to help you. When upset people will usually be difficult to solve problems because the minds of angry people are usually complicated. Your boyfriend indirectly helps you to think more clearly - so you can quickly find a solution. This also applies when you are upset with him.

5. "If you don't have enough to eat, then you will get sick later. The diet is tomorrow again

He told you to eat dinner instead of not supporting your diet program. He only cares about your health. He knows your limits, so he can't bear to let you starve. Your diet is important, but for him your health is more important.

6. "What do you do with it and how long does it really want to do theater?"

Don't sulk let alone scold your girlfriend who likes to insinuate you with a sentence like the one above. Believe your guy doesn't want to insult you, he's just trying to remind you. He knows all girls want to be beautiful, but he knows that the grooming that you do is excessive. Instead of being beautiful, you actually see menor. Actually, if you can choose, your guy will be happier if you look natural, simple grooming and just as necessary. Because it is not your appearance that makes him like, but the nobility of your attitude.

7. "If you don't eat it, it's not designed, what's wrong with you people who can't eat out there?"

You can be upset with your guy because he often advises you to finish your meal. But you need to know that he does not want to bother you, but wants to invite you to be more empathetic, more concerned with others.

8. "How to make an appointment with great people, if you make an appointment with me, you just keep on checking in"

Those of you who like to be annoyed because they are insinuated late are only supposed to thank your guy. Because the true innuendo is an attempt to train you in discipline. He indirectly reminds you that discipline is important for your life.

Like your quibbling to him, there must be goodness that you try to tell your guy through his talk. Indeed, sometimes it is delivered with words or tones that are not wearing, but it would be nice if you ignore the way. Look at what he said. This advice even though it is addressed wisely. You may be angry if there is no good in his speech, but if what he says is good for you or the relationship, why should you sulk?

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