8 Ways to Detect Safe or Not an MLM Business, Hopefully You Are Not a Group That Were Deceptive, Yes
01 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Success 346
8 Ways to Detect Safe or Not an MLM Business, Hopefully You Are Not a Group That Were Deceptive, Yes Don't be cynical first. Indeed, many consider the MLM business to be detrimental because it often leads to fraud. Many also say that the MLM business is haram because the system is thought to contain the element of doubling money. These things make the MLM business ugly in the eyes of the public. Even though the reality is not all that, bro. There is also a positive MLM business - the system is clear, the benefits are also in accordance with the efforts of each member, not reduced or exaggerated.

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is a tiered or chain marketing strategy. For example, when you sell cosmetics to the A, you will be profitable. Then the A managed to persuade B to buy it too, then you will get a bonus. So even if the B can sell it again to C, the bonus will be a percentage of your account. So on.

Let you not be deceived by an ignorant and ignorant MLM business, this is how you check security and validity!

1. Try checking the MLM company offered to you, registered or not on APLI

APLI (Indonesian Direct Selling Association) is the place for various MLM companies. To be able to join and get certification from this APLI, the quota is very limited, so MLM companies are truly eligible. In APLI also MLM companies are valid and competent to make joint rules and also agree on a code of ethics that must be obeyed. If an MLM company offered to you is registered on APLI and certified, then it is declared safe and valid.

2. Make sure the MLM company has a clear legal entity

Check whether the MLM company has a clear legal entity, for example in the form of a PT that has a NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) and SIUPL (Direct Sales Business License). Companies that have this legal entity should be able to account for the MLM business to its members, including other consumers who use their products.

3. Choose an MLM company that has many products, so that your chances of getting more consumers are

Consumers are happy if you see a seller who offers a lot of products, which means that when there is a product that he does not interest, there are still opportunities for him to look at other products. That is the reason why you should choose to join a business to an MLM company that offers a lot of products or services, your chances of getting bigger consumers. Don't forget to make sure the quality guarantee is yes, including the warranty or not.

4. Not only are the products diverse, but the price must also make sense so that you can easily sell it

If an MLM sells products that are expensive and not worth the quality, especially if it is far from the market price, beware. Because if the MLM business is good and qualified, generally the members' income is not pegged from the product price many times, but more to the number of consumers who are satisfied with the quality of the product.

5. If a MLM company distributor has a good system, you will also be successful

So that you can succeed quickly, make sure the MLM company system has been tested and proven to be able to print many people to be successful. Generally MLM companies that have a good system are characterized by the presence of business tools, such as personality books, meetings that can be attended, as well as smooth delivery of goods to consumers. Be aware that MLM companies have many problems in it.

6. The members in it help each other to achieve success

In a good MLM business, uplines will actively provide assistance, training, and share marketing knowledge with their downlines. It's great if these uplines participate in the field to provide a method of getting new members and making their downlines level up. If you are often released without clarity, you don't need to.

7. Have a fair system to all members, there is no one-sidedness between old members and new ones

Choose MLM companies that are fair. This company will as much as possible make all its members able to benefit from wanting to try hard, whether it's upline or downline. With a system like this, all members will benefit even though they have just joined.

8. The characteristics of a good and bona fide MLM company can also be seen from the scale of the company, it has been accepted by the national market or not

You should choose a MLM company that has a national scale that can be accepted by the entire community. Usually, they will also express their vision and mission for the welfare of the company and its distributor network. If the company has not been scaled, you must be alert.

Actually MLM schemes are not frauds, sadly many people are mistaken because many fraudulent businesses use this scheme. If indeed you are suitable for doing business in this field, why not? Hopefully after reading this article, you will be more careful and not easily deceived by abusive businesses that use MLM systems, right!

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