8 Tutorials to Bring Your Baby to the First Plane Mama Newbie Don t Panic, Check First This Trick
24 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Young Mom 532
8 Tutorials to Bring Your Baby to the First Plane Mama Newbie Don t Panic, Check First This Trick

Vacation for a moment so that it stays sane and happy it's important, Moms!

Yes, indeed it will be rather challenging for the new Mama Papa who still has to be a baby, but that does not mean it is impossible to do. If you can travel using land transportation, the challenge seems to be relatively light. Well, for those who are thinking about vacationing some distance away, for example going back to their hometown that needs to get on a plane maybe you need some tricks to get around the trip with the baby to run smoothly and smoothly, and Hipwee will give you 8 precise tricks to prepare for the ride together poppet. Look at the reviews carefully

Note: Babies discussed here will be intended for children under 2 years old.

1. Although there are no specific recommendations about the age limit and as long as the DSA (pediatrician) allows, but it's a good idea to check first about the airline regulations that you will be riding

Although there are no strict limits on how long the baby is recommended to travel for the first time on a plane, remember to always consider the child's own condition, especially for newborns whose immune systems are still very vulnerable. In addition, don't forget to always check the airline regulations that you will be riding, whether there is a limit on the age of the child allowed to go up and whether there is a need for special recommendations from a pediatrician. Anyway, for children under the year, it will usually be charged a special discount rate that is very decent compared to traveling with babies over 2 years old.

Moms, consider well when going to choose an airline for your convenience and children. To be sure, a comfortable one might be more spacious than a budget airline with a narrow seat, hehe. 2. If possible, do early check-in to reduce the excitement at the airport with your partner and baby

To avoid drama that can happen when a child suddenly fusses at the airport, as much as possible do early check-in that can be done at the airline office that you use or just check-in online. But this does not guarantee you get the desired bench. It is also important to note, there are a number of airlines that still require airport check-in at the airport for babies (especially newborn) and pregnant women. When you are boarding, the child will be re-recorded by the flight attendant on the plane. 3. Don't forget to think carefully about your sitting position later with the baby. This is important so that you are equally comfortable during the trip

If you are able to sit, you can choose one that is close to the hallway that makes it easier for you to take your child to stand if he is suddenly fussy (of course when he has been allowed to remove the seat belt). Well, for children who have already been put on their feet, usually the flight attendant will give an additional seatbelt. If you are under one year, you can consider finding a seat with an additional bassinet, a special baby basket provided by certain airlines on the plane. Well, there are a few things to note about this bassinet, as reported by the Smell Like Home user blog page: Bassinet is usually only provided in the front row seat, where there are partitions with business class seating. Bassinet is usually only intended for babies who are still quite small, with a maximum weight of 9-13 kg, depending on the regulations of each airline. Bassinet can usually be requested when checking in. Bassinet is also usually only provided for passengers with long or international trips. Even a number of domestic airlines and low cost airlines do not provide this bassinet, but you can confirm this matter again to the airline in question. Before leaving, check the baby equipment to be carried like a stroller that will be taken while traveling. This is important so that later you don't have a hassle

In addition to carrying a baby carrier that is comfortable and can be used by you or your partner, consider also carrying a compact and comfortable stroller when boarding a plane or while riding a car. Some airlines will usually ask for all types of strollers to get into the trunk. But there are some airlines that still allow you to carry a small stroller that can be folded and put in a special backpack to put in the cabin.

5. Before leaving, make sure you take note of what the child needs when going to travel, especially those that support his comfort when boarding a plane

There are several important objects that you must consider to take when boarding the aircraft, namely: Ear plugs or ear muffs and hats that can cover the ears to reduce the discomfort of the child on the plane. Light feet and baby blankets, for example muslin cloths Small toys or story books with quite complex features, colorful and not boring to be carried on board (for example rattle with various functions) but not too noisy and disturbing to other passengers You can also consider baby to reduce the feeling comfortable child because of the pressure inside the plane, milk or snacks for children who have entered the MP-ASI period

Note: Based on the author's personal experience, bringing a child while still breastfeeding or still drinking milk is much easier because the child can be focused on sucking milk or milk at take-off and landing so that the feeling of discomfort in the ear can be minimized. Usually sleep is easier, so the risk of fuss can be reduced. 6. Make sure your child's stomach is full before traveling. But keep the time, so as not to be too tight with boarding

This is rather tricky, but making a child full at the right time will make your trip easier. But be careful if the time is too tight with the boarding and the child is too full, the child can actually be nauseous and vomit due to discomfort in the plane. Just smart parents, get around this eating problem. 7. Consider being the first to board before take-off and become the last one after landing and exiting the plane

This is so that you can be more relieved and free to enter and exit the plane, especially when you and your partner carry cabin bags as well as carrying the child. Yes, because not all passengers can be sensitive and care if you bring a baby or not. 8. Finally, after you have prepared everything in an easy-to-reach bag, just enjoy the trip and try to relax

After you have finished packing all the items in the baby bag neatly and easily accessible, it's time to relax and enjoy the trip. If you are confident and calm, believe your child will also be calm. Just believe in your intuition as a parent. Prepare everything that is needed, according to the conditions of each child because after all you know the most what your child needs most

Bringing babies, especially those who have not been able to communicate their own desires other than by crying for traveling, especially riding on a plane, is indeed easy. But if it really can be prepared carefully and you and your partner are ready to intervene to work together, you can certainly go through it. Remember, if you don't try it won't know right? Relax and have fun preparing for the holiday!

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