8 Steps Really Pioneered Career as Makeup Artist, even though Learning via Youtube and Autodidact
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8 Steps Really Pioneered Career as Makeup Artist, even though Learning via Youtube and Autodidact Being a MUA or makeup artist is a career choice that can be chosen by anyone, especially those who love makeup. The development of make-up technology and makeup trends that spread widely on Youtube, Instagram, and other social media seemed to make this previously overlooked profession go up in class. Call it, the artists and celebrities of the country almost every day need the services of an MUA to make themselves up. Not to mention the varied and endless archipelago wedding scene, making MUA services increasingly sought after.

Almost everyone will get married, all students will graduate, and most girls will be prewedding. That's where the MUA's fortune comes from

So, for those of you who are upset about what you want to be, please consider becoming a MUA. The trick is this:

1. Start by getting to know the makeup tools

To become a MUA, it's important to get to know the makeup tools first. Not only powder and eyeshadow anymore. You also need to know what is highliter, shading, countouring, brow pomade, brow mascara, and so on. Think about it all, then start collecting your makeup little by little.

Why little by little? Because if you buy directly, you can overdo it a lot. Makeup now the price is not cheap, especially if you directly buy a set. Start by having the basic and important things first. Basically, you don't have to use high-end products first. You can start with local products first. Remember, in the makeup the main one is not the product, but your skill.

2. Make tutorials on Youtube and blogs become your daily food

The key to self-taught learning is to learn it continuously while practicing. The right place to learn makeup is of course Youtube. There are many beauty teachers that you can learn from at any time. Some even offer long distance classes. You don't have to hesitate to explore a lot of knowledge from there. In this present era, knowledge is not limited to those who study in classes or formal schools. If there is a free one and can give you something cobalah try it. Don't be lazy.

3. Create a special Instagram to save your portfolio

To accommodate a portfolio in the MUA world, you definitely need social media. No need to install follower targets so K, just start by telling your closest friends or family. If you love you, they will not hesitate to support you. Believe me.

At this point, ignore those who sneer or underestimate you. It's precisely the name of someone who learns there must be a challenge. You have to be brave to face this, because gradually your challenges will be more diverse and need a soul and body that are stupid.

4. Start by applying makeup. Upload, don't need to be afraid or ashamed. The important thing is that other people know you are studying

The first face you will make up is your own face. No need to hesitate to try many types of makeup to form eyebrows. Makeup is art and to create it must be done with experiments. In this phase, do it first on your face first. Only then do it for others.

5. Do it by dressing friends, making them experimental material, no problem? Right?

Once you feel that you are able to apply yourself well, it's time to switch to decorating others. Try dressing your friends first. You don't need to install a tariff first. This stage is intended to recognize different facial shapes and skin variations of the client. The more exciting if many of your friends are willing to work. If you have made up at least ten people, you will gradually understand and run smoothly anyway. The important thing is to increase flight hours, yeah.

6. Dare to experiment with various types of skin, makeup, and techniques. You already have the provision of watching Youtube

Dare to experiment with makeup techniques that you watch a lot on Youtube, or learn from senior MUA friends. Remember, you're still learning, don't hesitate to try new things.

7. After that, you can start installing rates. Start from a client that is easy first such as graduation

When you feel ready (if possible, don't get ready for long), then you can establish yourself with a tariff. Start with clients that are easy as before, such as graduations, applications, or prewedding. Generally they are indeed looking for MUA whose prices are still tilted. Maximize the potential of Instagram or your social media to monitor and capture clients. Promotion bisa can be from anywhere.

8. Already satisfied reaching clients 'easy', switch to wedding. Don't forget to continue learning

Gradually when your work is known to many people, you can start switching and penetrating the wedding makeup market. At first it was a bit clumsy, but after a while you will find the pattern anyway. If you are still in doubt, don't hesitate to be an assistant to MUA professional wedding. Use your abilities to the best of your ability, because usually if they match one MUA, someone will continue to use his services again and again.

There is no need to doubt if you still feel lacking, because as humans we certainly always learn and add new skills. Included in the case of makeup.

So, are you ready to try out the challenge of "becoming MUA autodidactically"? Jenganten challenges you.

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