8 of these questions you must have told the Kos Landlady before you inhabit them. Okay
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8 of these questions you must have told the Kos Landlady before you inhabit them. Okay Being a boarding house child generally has to be done if you study or work outside the city where you live. Don't hurry up and down with a license and image of 'boarding school kids' who are often loved as poor people who always struggle to survive at the end of the month, and live in poverty. In fact, being a boarding house child is a stepping stone to live more independently in the future.

Well, for those of you who are just starting out as boarding houses, there are some things that need to be considered to choose a comfortable boarding house and support your activities. Of course there are many factors other than how much room rental you need to know. Before you are sure to give the DP to the boarding house owner, you should ask this first:

Is the location of the boarding house close to public facilities? This is important, cause of influence with the transportation factor that you spend

Near whether or not a boarding house with public facilities such as supermarkets, pharmacies, food stalls, gas stations, bus stops, etc. will affect the ease of your life later to become a boarding house child. This point is important to ask boarding house owners, because they don't want it, if at any time they need something and you have to travel a great distance to reach it?

Is family or friends allowed to stay overnight. If so, what are the rules?

This factor is also important, because on one occasion, your mother or father will come to visit you at boarding. Not yet if you and your classmates hold an event doing a joint assignment in your boarding house. For that reason, talk to the boarding house owner about the rules for staying. For example, can a friend of the opposite type stay, and so on.

Is there a curfew where the gate is locked? Or is there a boarding house policy that has a backup key?

The need for boarding children with home children is certainly different. If at home, you might be more free because parents provide backup keys to open doors and gates, boarding can be different. You must obey the boarding rules such as curfews or guests. Well, so that you can make your life easier later, it's a good idea to ask the curfew rule in the prospective place you are hitting.

What is the environment? Is there a kind of culture and mutual cooperation that must be followed by boarding children

Most people who work here or work, sir?

If a neighbor has a celebration, is there enough representative or everyone has to come?

Is there a lot of animal care here?

The people here are homogeneous or many ethnic and religious, Mom?

It doesn't mean SARA, but you need to understand the figure of speech: where the earth is stepped on, that's where the heavens are upheld. It is necessary for you to know how the environment is where you live. You also need to know the culture and habits of the community. Don't want it, it's accused of being a terrorist just because it's not huddled with neighbors?

Is there a garbage fee that is the duty of the boarding house?

Generally in every housing complex or boarding house there will be a garbage truck that passes every day. That's where the need for waste collection comes from. Well, if your boarding house provides a monthly garbage collection policy, you need to prepare too. Indeed, there is not much money, at least ten to twenty thousand. But still this can be a component of your expenses.

What about the electricity cost component? Is it included in the monthly rent or is it alone?

Now this is often a problem. Yeah, the cost of the boarding house is cheap, but it's not all electricity or wifi. As a result, it also becomes expensive. In terms of electricity demand has become an absolute thing. Also wifi. Therefore, you must ask this facility to your prospective boarding house owner.

Is there a special time to visit? In the room where children are allowed to receive guests

As a boarding school child, it is normal to receive boarding guests at any time. For example, there are families or friends who take part in the work at boarding. You need to discuss this with the boarding house owners, especially those related to community learning hours and the rules in the local village. You don't want it, your guests are kicked out just because they don't know this important info?

Can you bring a pet?

For those of you who like to keep animals, you need to be selective and careful when looking for a house. Not everyone is happy to hear the barking of dogs or the sound of cats in their homes. It's really important to know this rule. If you allow it, treat and treat your pet as well as possible. Do not let the poop in any place and disturb other boarders.

Those are some things you should ask before choosing a boarding house. It does seem trivial, but if you don't ask, it can be a hassle yourself later on. Congratulations on being a kos child and always successful!

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