8 Mix and Match with the Casual Hijab for the 2 s. Not Excessive Also Used by College Students
21 November 2018 Ngesti Elok Gemilang Style 348
8 Mix and Match with the Casual Hijab for the 2 s. Not Excessive Also Used by College Students Getting to campus is just natural. No need to be eccentric, even excessive to rival the style of the artist on the stage. Therefore, it is very reliable for those of you who are still in college in your 20s. Keep looking cool and not boring.

In order for the style to be unified with your casual hijab not so, just like that, there are tricks that you need to apply. Not just the color game, but also the hijab model. Come on, see eight solid matches on campus to the age of the following 20s.

1. Pastel colors are always everlasting. There is nothing wrong with you emitting a feminine side with solid pink soft shirt and hijab, and don't forget the white material pants that are comfortable to wear

Stylish in pastel colors, always successful in bringing out your feminine side. Therefore, white material pants that are combined with a soft pink shirt and hijab you can really try.

2. A white blouse is your savior while on an exam on campus. Besides looking bright, you are also seen as neat

If someone says that using a white blouse is similar to a schoolgirl or an apprentice child, you can really try it. Because the white blouse shows your neat appearance. So that it's not too formal, you can mix it with jeans and sneakers. Kece

3. Don't hesitate to mix and match the maroon casual t-shirt put in black pants. Plus a soft pink hijab that sweetens your style

Who said to go to campus if they use T-shirts look really relaxed? You can outsmart it with a red t-shirt that is inserted into black material pants. It still looks neat and stylish.

4. For those of you who like to wear patterned dresses, you can really try matching them with a jeans shirt. Guaranteed casual and cool views

To the campus also still looks cheerful and charming through patterned mix and match dress with a jeans shirt. Looks casual, but cool in front of anyone.

5. Or you can also show a formal appearance, but still casual through a black skirt combined with striped pattern shirts. Simple, but very elegant

If you're worried about being relaxed, you can wear a black skirt that is combined with a striped pattern shirt. Your appearance looks simple, but remains neat and relaxed.

6. It's not legal to be a college kid if you forget your favorite jeans. You really need to use it to campus without forgetting the outer so that you increase the level of your appearance

Jeans are your mainstay everywhere including to campus. You can match it with a cool outter to keep your appearance interesting and level up.

7. You can count on gray pants with checkered pattern to go to campus. You just need to adjust it with an oversized shirt with navy blue and matching colored hijabs, your appearance is charming and comfortable to look at

You can use this one checkered gray pants to go to college. Especially if you adjust the oversized shirt with navy blue and hijab color that resembles. Cool to see.

8. You can also copy Sesarika's style in a gray outfit. Look relaxed and also suitable for college

You can also cheat on Sesarika Widya's casual style on this one. By wearing outfits all in gray, Sesarika looks attractive and pleasing to the eye. You are still beautiful and graceful.

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