8 Kinds of Bikini Waxing Types That Can Make You Appear More Neat When Basking on the Beach. Dare to Order to Salon
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8 Kinds of Bikini Waxing Types That Can Make You Appear More Neat When Basking on the Beach. Dare to Order to Salon As a woman, as if there is some kind of unwritten bond to always keep the area exposed easily clean. It's not just clean from climbing, but even from fertile hair that can sometimes look 'annoying'. Although all parts of our body have been created with their respective functions and advantages, many think that hairs in certain areas such as the armpits, for example, must be removed.

Well, not just public areas such as the armpits, the upper lip, or calves, even intimate areas of hair are often wanted to be trimmed or removed for aesthetic reasons. Please note, this is entirely a matter of individual tastes!

To remove hair in these parts, there are several ways you can do, such as shaving, pulling with tweezers or waxing. Of the many choices, waxing is often an option because it is considered cleaner, faster, the return time is relatively longer and smoother. Intimate areas like pubic hair can be cleaned with waxing techniques. For those of you who are interested in waxing in intimate areas, here Hipwee has summarized the names of bikini waxing models that you might want to try. Let's immediately see the article together!

1. First, let's explore a little about the differences between bikini waxing and Brazilian waxing. It turns out the difference is really thin!

Bikini waxing can generally be done at a salon or spa by trained beauty specialists. Types of bikini waxing also vary, based on the area to be handled. If the term bikini waxing refers to the whole process of hair removal in the bikini area (aka the most intimate area you covered in a bikini), then Brazilian waxing refers to bikini waxing that is carried out in a wider and more intense area. Brazilian Waxing is a step more than full bikini waxing. Brazilian waxing technique removes all the hair on the front of Miss V to the back. This waxing technique is best suited for those who want to appear 'innocent' completely and don't want any hair down there

2. Because we will discuss bikini waxing this time, you need to know that each form of bikini waxing adapts to the bikini line shape that you want to wear

Don't be asked how it feels when doing bikini waxing - a term used to disappear the pubic area hair. Just waxing in the foot or hand area can feel pain, especially in the most intimate areas that are very sensitive? Some might even suggest you take a pain medication before or after it, as reported by alodokter.com. Now bikini waxing forms vary, depending on the bikini model like what you want to wear. The smaller the model, the wider the area that needs to be cleaned normally.

3. Well, the first form you might be gawking at is because ... yes you really don't do anything on your pubic hair. Everything is as it is and this form is au natural

There's nothing wrong too if you prefer to appear as they are with natural pubic hair when wearing a bikini. Most just a little. Yes ... it's just god-level pedicure: )

4. Bikini line touch up is a bikini waxing technique that aims only to tidy up a bikini-covered area. But the bikini you wear can't be too mini

This is suitable for new people who want to start trying bikini waxing. Beginners can start by cleaning the area exposed during bikini (with bikini models whose coverage is quite large) and leaving pubic hair in the middle to the back.

5. Full bikini line wax is almost similar to the previous waxing form, but with a wider cleaning area. Usually full bikini line wax is the standard menu in most spas or salons that provide waxing services

This waxing technique is similar to the previous one, it can be for beginners as well and tends to be 'neater' for those of you who want to dress up on the beach or pool.

6. French wax - the landing strip is one of the waxing techniques that you can try when you want to wear a s*xy bikini. This technique leaves only a line of pubic hair in your Miss V area

Different from Brazilian waxing that cuts out the front to back hair, this French wax - the landing strip technique can be an option for you who wants to look nude, clean but not completely slippery, not left over. The point is this technique is to cut your bikini area wider, left and right left but not to penetrate the back area.

7. Brazilian wax - the bermuda triangle is a waxing technique by removing the hairs of the bikini area right to the back area. This is suitable for those of you who want to appear clean and almost nude

Similar to French wax - the landing strip, but with a wider tripe area, this Brazilian waxing technique offers a clean and hairless sensation that is slightly more trapped. This waxing technique removes the area of hair on the front, right, left up to the back area by leaving a small amount of hair according to the cell, for example a triangle above the labia like this.

8. Brazilian wax - the desert island can be a much more stagnant choice than before

This waxing technique is similar to the previous Brazilian waxing technique that clears hair in the front, right and left areas to the back area. Yep, including the most intimate area you know. It's just that, in this technique the area is cleaned wider and leaves only a mini Bermuda triangle a few cm above the labia. For this area you will feel almost plain so it is safe with almost no skid hair, hehe.

9. This love heart waxing presents a different 'romantic' sensation, because it gives the appearance of unique heart shape hairs. Dare to try?

This technique is similar to the Brazilian wax - the bermuda triangle technique but with a more imaginative form, namely the heart shape. In general, as long as your therapy is up to date and in accordance with applicable safety standards, which are not complicated or even trigger ingrown hair you can request a waxing model to suit your taste

10. The hollywood waxing style can be an answer for those who want to look innocent, clean completely without any hair

To do this quite extreme waxing, you might do some yoga poses because the therapist must reach all corners of the Miss V area from the front, right and left to the back without remaining. Hurt? Ugh, Hipwee can't imagine

After waxing, there are some rules that must be obeyed so that the area that has just been cleaned is not until the infection is caused by bacteria. To be safer, more comfortable and ensure cleanliness, you should do the waxing process in a place that is already guaranteed and has a trained therapist and qualified equipment. It could be a little more expensive, but don't want your health to be a bet?

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