8 Expressions Requesting Restoration to Parents For Marriage. Make the Heart Both Like Flowers That Blossom
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8 Expressions Requesting Restoration to Parents For Marriage. Make the Heart Both Like Flowers That Blossom Having a more serious bond is certainly what everyone wants. You are no exception, which is certainly a chronic relationship with your partner. So far, maybe you are only one of many people who were asked "when is the marriage?" By the family, even the parents themselves, like "mother wants to hold grandchildren" and other satire that makes you indirectly want to get married.

But when you have gotten the green light from your lover, it turns out it's not easy to express your desire to marry your parents. I don't know why when I want to say that my tongue seems to be empty, I'm confused about how to choose the right sentence so that your desire to get married sounds serious. Because your parents will think that your wishes are just a moment. Consider a few sentences that you can use to ask permission to marry a parent who has Hipwee arranged for you!

1. "Sir, ma'am, I want to move to a more serious relationship with my boyfriend"

This sentence which tends to be short is indeed not to the point. But there is a depth of meaning that is implied, indirectly you have shown your seriousness and your responsibilities in dealing.

2. "I have already graduated from college, have grown up, have my own income. Let me marry my girlfriend, sir, "

Guys tend to be more difficult to get permission from parents to get married. Especially if you do not have a fixed and excessive income, instead of being sanctioned, it is scolded. Now with the sentence above, you have actually shown that you have fulfilled the minimum requirements of your parents to get married.

3. "The blessing of my father and mother will be the most beautiful gift I have ever received in a lifetime"

This one is rather tricky, because in this sentence you indirectly touch your parents' feelings. From what they used to need a strong reason for you to get married, but with that sentence their hearts subconsciously melted by themselves.

4. "How can I get your father and mother's permission to get married? I want to, sir, sir.

For those of you who have said but have not received permission, there might be something wrong with how to convey your wishes. Indeed, as much as possible the discourse to get married doesn't say suddenly. Start from a light question, don't be impromptu and straightforward. They must be shocked.

5. "Sir, there are good men who want to be my husband. Can I marry him now? "

The consideration of parents when their children ask to marry one of them is the candidate. Well to make them agree, that is by imaging your candidates with good ones.

6. "I am not fully mature, but I might never get married if I keep asking when am I ready? '

When asking for your father's blessing, you don't give up quickly just because he hasn't allowed you. Keep exposing your wishes, making arguments that are difficult for your father to refuse.

7. "I'm tired of living this way, everything has been achieved. So I want to have more responsibility, sir - ma'am ... "

The easiest condition to get around the blessing of parents is by establishment. Those of you who already have established careers tend to get permission more easily.

8. "Thank you for educating and caring for me until now. I want to get married because I want to see my father and mother relieved. "

Never forget to convey your gratitude to your parents before expressing your wishes. Actually he just wants you to be happy, so he always worries about you. For that you need to convince him.

Well, how? It's not as difficult as you imagine? Right? Basically you only need tricks to use the right sentence to convince. You have to make your parents believe that your request is serious and you have thought about it thoroughly. Don't forget to ask for a prayer so that later your marriage will be harmonious like your parents' relationship! Excitement!

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