8 Elegant Attitudes Facing Arguments with Beloved People, For the sake of a Return to Peace
09 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Relationship 123
8 Elegant Attitudes Facing Arguments with Beloved People, For the sake of a Return to Peace In a relationship, arguments often become inevitable. Sometimes, we can be the party that takes the vote too high and accidentally throws out loud or too rude words to the closest person, whether you are a relative or a friend, even though you might not mean that. Feelings of regret sometimes arise after the person closest to us has been offended and a fight culminates in a cold war alias does not want to say hello again. Duh, even though maybe the closest person is the one we love the most right?

Don't be sad first, there are some elegant attitudes that you can do to get back together with your closest person. Without seemingly compelling or menye-menye, 8 elegant things you can try to re-improve relationships. Affairs are accepted or not later, the important thing is you have the intention to make up again. Check the Hipwee review this time.

1. When fighting, tensions that peak sometimes make it difficult for two parties to think clearly. Taking time until the emotions subside is the best way

After the atmosphere heats up, waiting until the situation cools down is one way that you can make up. Apologize when the situation is still hot will be useless because emotions are still more dominant than common sense. 2. Recognizing that you also take part in an argument during a fight also needs to be done. After all, it's not possible when you fight, your friends talk alone?

It's difficult indeed, especially if you are a proud person. But admit to yourself that you are also a party that contributes to the fight will make it easier for you to make up. After all, if you don't want to admit your own mistakes, it's okay to apologize. 3. When you want to make up, one of the best steps is to save your feelings first. No need to vent to other friends especially to social media so that it doesn't worsen the atmosphere

Confiding in outsiders especially on social media is actually risky to worsen your atmosphere. Boro-boro makes you and your closest people understand each other more, wrong-wrong can actually worsen the atmosphere and offend you. 4. Try to make up and apologize to friends on a daily basis. Apologize after months of stale, yes

If you really plan to make up, don't let your ego master until you finally apologize too long. Even though your friend might also have the wrong one, but as a big heart, there's no harm in apologizing?

5. Wait until you feel calm and ready to apologize to the person closest to you. Because hurrying to force yourself to apologize can make your request feel insincere.

If you're in a hurry, the person closest to you might be sniffing your lack of sincerity. Just take your time 6. Even though the make up also needs a sense of regret from both parties, don't expect your friend to apologize right away

When deciding to stop being hostile, put it in first, and hope that he will do the same with you. Remember, each person has different times to ease his anger. Yes, thank God if the person concerned is sorry too. 7. When apologizing, apologize clearly and specifically. Even though it's not easy, this will make you a more heartened person

Don't just say "Sorry." But try to be more specific when apologizing. For example "Sorry, yesterday I was too emotional so I said you were stupid. I don't mean that at all and I'm sorry. I'm sorry?". Not only with words, you can really write letters to those closest to you. But you should not via SMS, phone, especially online messenger, yes! 8. Listen to stories from the other side of your friend. Give the opportunity to speak and express his opinion, even though you still don't agree with his words

Listening to the other side of the story will provide a new perspective. If you still can't accept it, it's okay. The important thing is that you and your closest people are equally relieved. If he apologizes too, don't forget to accept with a generous heart.

Apologizing is not an easy matter. But it will be much more difficult if you miss the opportunities that exist and ultimately damage the relationship that has long been fostered. Isn't your dear person far more valuable than your ego? Believe it, initially it feels difficult. But it's much more difficult when you've lost your closest person right? Please say sorry!

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