8 Dual Functions of Makeup Products for Emergency Kick. Use Potential Precisely More Efficient
05 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 165
8 Dual Functions of Makeup Products for Emergency Kick. Use Potential Precisely More Efficient The makeup products have so many types. Each has different functions and uses. Plain lipstick is clearly different from lip balm or lip gloss, even so with eyeliner or eye shadow. Then what happens if one of these products is forgotten when needed or you don't even have it when you want to use it?

It turns out that you don't have to buy and have all that various makeup products. There are several makeup products that have multiple functions. That is, they can be used for purposes outside their original functions! Try some tricks that are Hipwee Style first.

1. Confused about disguising dark circles under your eyes because you don't have a concealer? You can count on bright colored lipstick

Basically you need to use a certain colored concealer to disguise dark circles more. However, you can count on pink lipstick for light skin, purplish red lipstick for deep yellow skin, and orange lipstick for dark skin. Use a brush to sweep the lipstick in the area under the eyes, then flatten it before covering it with foundation and powder.

2. Give a contour to your face you don't have to use the bronzer, you can also use a matte brown eyeshadow.

Use a matte brown eyeshadow with a brush to shadow behind the cheeks, along the jaw line, nose trunk, and on the temples. Then use a powder brush to smooth and smooth the contour to make it look more natural. You can use this method to replace the bronzer.

3. Your eyebrow pencil just finished? Don't panic, you can use eyeshadow to fill the eyebrow void

Shading your eyebrows doesn't have to use an eyebrow pencil. You can also use eyeshadow to fill the void of your eyebrow hair with a smoother finish. Choose eyeshadow with matte finish for eyebrows using a brush as the applicator. After that, trim it with an eyebrow brush.

4. Don't have time to buy eyeliner? Use liquid mascara along the lash line instead.

Try using a liquid mascara that you can function as a substitute for eyeliner. Take a little on the liquid left on the mascara brush, then use a small brush to apply it directly to the eyelid as eyeliner. Or you can also apply carefully the mascara brush along the lash line to create a blur line.

5. The face looks pale but doesn't bring blush on, you can use lipstick for blushes

Lipstick can not only be used to polish your lips. If you want to give a cheek to make your face look pale, you don't have to use blush on it. You can use lipstick with a soft pink instead of blush. Put lipstick on the cheekbones then blend using fingers in a circular motion.

6. A brown / peach dry eyeliner that is used on the lip line can also be used instead of a lip liner and gives the illusion of thicker lips

There are a number of conditions that require you to tidy up the shape of the lips when using lip polish with a certain texture. For example when using matte lipstick that will look messy if you don't polish it with precision. To outsmart, you can use tanned dry eyeliner to create a lip shape that looks more full and anti-mess.

7. If you want shiny shades on your face but don't have a highlighter, use a lip gloss or plain lip balm can!

A glossy effect on some parts of the face to display a sunkissed look you can create with no highlighter. You can use plain lip gloss or lip balm to apply to the parts you want to give a shiny effect. For example at the tip of the cheekbones or in the nasal bones. Simply thin it and then evenly flatten the fingers.

8. Lip balm can also be used as a cuticle cream or smooth your unruly hair.

You can use the essential oil content in lip balm to soften dry and rough nails. The method is easy, just spread it evenly across the surface of the nail. In addition, you can also tidy up your messy hair by rubbing lip balm in the area you want to trim.

Well, it's proven right now if you don't have to have or have all the makeup products available to be able to create the makeup you want? Congratulations on innovating!

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