8 Current and Hits Travel Destinations in Banyumas. Cool, shahdu and stunning scenery
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8 Current and Hits Travel Destinations in Banyumas. Cool, shahdu and stunning scenery Perhaps many do not know that Purwokerto City is the capital of Banyumas Regency. This area is famous as the capital city, because it is the language used in the Javanese language. The typical Banyumasan slang is a characteristic that is inherent in the Banyumas and Purwokerto people. Have you ever visited there?

Is it okay to vacation if you just go to Jogja, Bandung or Semarang? Try new tourism alternatives in Banyumas and Purwokerto. There are various cool natural tourist destinations there. Let's take 10 tourist destinations that hit in Purwokerto, Banyumas and surrounding areas. Check it out!

Being in the Baturaden area, Curug Jenggala is one of the best waterfalls in Banyumas. Many spots have photos too,

Waterfall lovers really have to vacation to Banyumas. There are many waterfalls that you can go to around Baturaden, a cool and beautiful tourist area in Banyumas. One of them is the instagramable Jenggala Waterfall. A lot of selfie spots you can use to find the best photos.

Small World Purwokerto is like a miniature of world popular landmarks. Size is really small, hehe.

Not to be outdone by other cities, Purwokerto also has replicas of tourist landmarks in the world. There is a Dutch windmill, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the Leaning Tower of Pisa until there are landmarks in Indonesia. But yes according to the name, the size is small. The suit is indeed for children on vacation there. The entry ticket is only IDR 20,000 But you can play water as much as you like there without fear of danger, right? Right?

Curug Bayan is a specialty because the waterfall is relatively high. So you who bring children and want to play water safely can really visit Bayan Curug. Moreover, there are villas that you can stay not far from the waterfall.

Still about the waterfall, Curug Carang is one of the hit waterfalls in Banyumas. Very Instagramable right?

The journey to Curug Carang located in Kemutug, Baturaden is indeed not easy. But fatigue paid off because of the beautiful treat of this 40 meter high waterfall. Prepare your property and immediately check the orchids there before splashing into Curug Carang.

Limpakuwus pine forest also becomes a contemporary spot that can make your Instagram feed more shaky

Pine forests have become a tourist spot that has become a favorite since the booming Instagram. In Banyimas there is the Limpakuwus pine forest. The photos in the Limpakuwus pine forest are also cool and really hits. The location is in Sumbang, Banyumas.

Bidadari Bidadari is indeed quite hidden. But everything that is hidden sometimes has untouched beauty isn't it?

It is said that this place is often used for meditation. Yes it's normal, the place is cool, quiet, calm and has a mini waterfall that falls in front of the cave. This is a hidden paradise in Banyumas.

You can find Sunyi Lake with similar nuances in Sumba in Banyumas. The color is blue and really cool

Not far from the Limpakuwus pine forest, there is a blue one that looks very refreshing. The water is clear and there is a small waterfall that flows through it. Silent, calm, and serene atmosphere. Make you feel at home there.

Climbing Mount Slamet is one of the climbers' favorite climbing. This is because Mount Slamet is the highest mountain in Central Java

Many climbers to Purwokerto just stop by for transit before climbing to Mount Slamet. Mount Slamet is quite popular because it is the highest mountain in Central Java or its roof is Central Java. So many want to tread the peak. But Mount Slamet is also famous for its mysticism, be careful if you go there.

Come on when do you go to Banyumas?

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