8 Cities that Are Relatively Safe from Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Indonesia. Do you want to move there
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8 Cities that Are Relatively Safe from Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Indonesia. Do you want to move there A few days ago Hipwee wrote an article about 7 cities that threatened a major earthquake in the future. Actually, almost all cities in Indonesia are disaster-prone, except for only a few cities that are not traversed by the earth's fault plate. But it's impossible to write everything, just a few big cities. And even that doesn't necessarily happen, it's just that the potential to occur is quite large because in the past it happened. Make it a reminder that we all live on the ground that can 'move' anytime since time immemorial.

Okay, let's talk about optimism about the future. In addition to cities that are often threatened by earthquakes, there are also cities in Indonesia that are relatively safe from earthquakes. This safe does not mean that you never feel an earthquake. But the epicenter of the earthquake is quite far from these cities, so logically and disaster mitigation, the city is relatively safe from earthquake and tsunami disasters. Again, that doesn't mean it's completely safe. Let's discuss 8 cities that are relatively safe from this earthquake and tsunami.

The following is an earthquake map that occurred in Indonesia since 1973-2013. Which one is visible which is vulnerable and safe?

Batam which is closer to Singapore than to major cities in Indonesia is enough safe from earthquake and tsunami disaster

Geographically, Batam enters the Riau Islands where it is very close to Singapore. In this area earthquakes are rare because there is no meeting of the earth's plates there. The threat of large earthquakes and tsunami waves is also less likely regarding Batam and its surroundings.

Pekanbaru can be said to be the city in Sumatra that is the safest from earthquakes and tsunamis. Its location far enough from the earth's plate in western Sumatra makes this city safe. But not for smog!

Of all the major cities in Sumatra, most of them became cities prone to being affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Starting from Banda Aceh, Padang, Bengkulu, and also Bandar Lampung. The disaster potential does not apply to Pekanbaru because it is located in eastern Sumatra. If there is a forest fire every year, yes. Hehehe. It's been a different disaster that came there.

Tanjungpandan is a city on Belitung Island. An island known for its beautiful beaches is quite safe from earthquakes

Belitung is known for its exotic tourist spots. Another plus point is that the island is also safe from earthquakes and tsunamis. Wow, it's interesting if you live on Laskar Pelangi island. Interested there?

Pontianak is a city that can be considered the safest of the earthquakes and tsunamis. As is well known, Kalimantan is considered an island that is relatively safe from earthquakes.

Kalimantan is known as the most safe island in Indonesia from an earthquake? Eits, we need to check earthquake data in Kalimantan first. Geographically, the island is indeed far from the meeting of the Eurasian and Indo-Australian plates. So in general Pontianak City can be said to be quite safe. But don't be happy first. In West Kalimantan there was a 4 SR earthquake in Singkawang in 2011. That is an incident that is almost never experienced by West Kalimantan residents.

Another city in Kalimantan that is quite safe is Palangkaraya. The city that is predicted to be the new capital of the Republic of Indonesia

Not without reason Ir Soekarno once said that the capital would be moved to Palangkaraya. This city in the heart of Borneo is indeed very strategic because it is in the middle of Indonesia and free from the threat of a major earthquake and tsunami. There are no volcanoes there too. From its location, Palangkaraya is very suitable to be the next capital of the Republic of Indonesia.

Banjarmasin is also relatively safe from earthquakes despite several small earthquakes. Much safer than East Kalimantan, which is more frequently affected by earthquakes

South Kalimantan is also relatively safe despite several small earthquakes there. But that is very rare. Like other cities in Kalimantan, Banjarmasin is quite safe from earthquakes and tsunamis. Unlike East and North Kalimantan (Tarakan), there are potential earthquakes and tsunamis that can come there. Although the possibility is also not too big.

There is no historical record that Makassar has experienced a major earthquake or tsunami. Experts also say that Makassar is safe from earthquakes because it is far from the active fault

Hasanuddin University seismologist, Dr Ardy Arsyad said that Makassar City and its surroundings are relatively safe from earthquakes. According to Ardy, Makassar City is far from active faults such as Palu Koro fault and Majene normal fault. This at the same time dismissed the HOAX news that said the earthquake would occur in South Sulawesi, especially in Makassar. Even if there was an earthquake, there was a small earthquake because it was far from an active fault. Relief from Makassar residents. Hehehe.

Merauke is at the eastern end of Indonesia, it is actually safe from the threat of earthquakes. Even so, Merauke residents have felt an earthquake centered from another area

The city which is located at the eastern end of Indonesia is very rare to experience earthquakes. The earthquake felt even small and centered around Central Papua or northern Papua. The area of Merauke and its surroundings can be said to be quite anomalous considering that the eastern region of Indonesia is a zone that becomes an earthquake subscription.

For those of you who live in an earthquake-prone area, there is a thought to move or not? Hehehe. Even if it stays in an earthquake-prone area, it is important to be alert when a disaster occurs. Yes, this is the risk of staying in the Ring of Fire fire ring.

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