8 As well as Slap Tips from the Boss Shoes and Care for Young People. Asli Ngena
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8 As well as Slap Tips from the Boss Shoes and Care for Young People. Asli Ngena Stylish in style with matching shoes which many people might not have has become the hallmark of a Tirta Hudhi. He is not a celebrity, especially just poser or style, but the owner of Shoes and Care (SAC) who is the pioneer of the first shoe premium care service in Yogyakarta, even the first in Indonesia based on social media.

Tirta's work in the business world is no longer a joke. Starting from washing and shoe care services that were developed from a piece of boarding room, now the outlets have spread across major cities throughout Indonesia, some of which are overseas as well. The SAC business does not only focus on shoes, but also extends to bags, hats and other leather items. Not quickly satisfied, Tirta also expanded its business by opening the Communion Management (CMMN) distribution, making applications to sell 'Tukutu' used shoes, children's book supplier 'Alva Library', and several other positive events and movements.

When met by the Hipwee team, this young entrepreneur known as Doctor Tirta's greeting delivered several messages intended for young people. At first glance, it sounds loud and striking, but when you think about it, you will say, "That's right!".

1. If you miss a course in college, it's your own fault!

It is important for young people to set targets as early as possible even from high school graduation. You are free to determine where you will go to education and what direction to choose, provided you already know what your future goals are. Even if parents forbid, you should be able to explain with good reason. Well, if you just set the target 'the most important thing for college' to be able to maintain the image or follow your other friends, it's too late. Be you misdirected, which is the fruit of your own mistakes.

2. If you take care of yourself, it's not good, why do you take care of other people?

Today's young people often do good just to attract the attention of others. Even though this is actually a self-abuse. From now on, change your mindset to do everything for and for yourself first, including work or achievement. If you already feel respect and love yourself and are grateful for the achievements you make, then you do it for others, including your family. Love yourself first, then love each others.

3. Don't work according to passion because not all hobbies can make money. But work in the fields that produce

Passion and idealism cannot necessarily support. Are you sure you will feel at home if your income is not how much even though your work is in line with your passion? The concept that must be applied is do what you love and love what you do. So when you work half-heartedly because the profession is not your passion, but it produces, then you have to love that job, at least until your target is reached. Be grateful that you who work according to your passion also live, because there aren't many lucky people like you.

4. The young man must be smart in capturing opportunities, including brave execution. The risk must be there, the important thing is to get started

All businesses are initially from the existence of markets and needs. This principle was clearly carried out by Tirta when she was pioneering SAC from scratch. Starting from the hobby of collecting and cleaning shoes at boarding houses that attracted the interest of his friends to ask for laundry services for his shoes. This is an opportunity that was later welcomed by Tirta without the busi-bu and began to take care of the business of shoe care services.

Through his experience, Tirta advised that young people must be keen to see opportunities and dare to execute them. As long as there are markets and needs, any simple service can be money. About risk, you will definitely follow and must always be ready to face, so the important thing is to go ahead.

5. Spend your failed ration at a young age, so that later you can have a strong experience in old age

Tirta means the word fail as a process for learning, growing, and developing. And that failure will definitely be passed when you want to succeed. While still young, you will be more courageous and have the determination to try new things. Unlike when you are old, say when you have three heads, those stickiness will shrink and you will be more calculating (afraid) to try new things related to business. So, it's fortunate that you have experienced many failures at a young age.

6. It is important to apply the priority scale in a career, considering that any work must be done with a focus on satisfying the results

As a doctor who also has a career as an entrepreneur, Tirta admitted that he had a dilemma in choosing which profession he would pursue. But now, he has set a step that between careers with one another must be balanced and lived with full focus. For example, this year Tirta focuses on managing the business because she considers that there are many opportunities that must be pursued, but she is still present at her medical meetings if needed. That way, focused things reap maximum results.

7. Keep learning while still young. Science is not only in college, but everywhere

Most people will pursue a degree only, as long as the bachelor, then his life is safe. They forget that many other scholars out there are ready to compete, and of course are ready to shift your comfort zone with the skills they have. That's where the importance of learning. Learning media is not limited, especially with technological advancements like now. All can be learned if you intend. He who has more ability will succeed.

8. No need to talk about work, young people should be able to critically respond to any issues circulating in cyberspace

Before going far to discuss the matter of work, Tirta strongly criticized the issue of the issue of hoax that often occurs in cyberspace - which is mostly done by generation X aka those who are not worthy of being called young people. The main focus that must be addressed by today's young people is a critical mindset in responding to all outstanding issues, not easily provoked, and delivering the news and truth. Because this generation of millennials is worthy of running the wheels of government later.

One thing that hasn't changed from Tirta Hudhi besides being a hard worker and hobby of sharing is daring to aspire and set targets in the future. Two years ago he had a dream to be involved in the MEA and it was realized with the opening of a SAC outlet in Singapore. What are you dreaming about now, huh? Reporting from his social media page, he expressed his highest dreams when interviewed at one of the local events.

"In another 10-20 years, I dream of handling Indonesian government without going through the party and pure because of the creativity that I made. Please laugh. I was also offered 10 years ago. Now it's fun being my team instead. "

To get to know the figure of Tirta Hudhi further, you can refer to the exclusive interview video below:

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