7 Types of Traveling Friends that are Severe Bummer. Are There Not Your Friends That Attitude
10 November 2018 Dinilint Travel 309
7 Types of Traveling Friends that are Severe Bummer. Are There Not Your Friends That Attitude

Traveling and travelmate are two things that cannot be separated, especially if you are traveling alone or together. Previously, I explained first about the meaning of this travelmate. Travelmate is a friend during the trip, can a boyfriend, brother, sister, friend, husband, wife, or even someone new to know on the road also be a travelmate. But we discussed my friend in this article, so it's not too broad.

Travelmate or friend traveling greatly influences the success of our vacation. If you meet a nice person, our vacation will automatically be fun and become a beautiful memory that is hard to forget. But if our friends are annoyed, then just traveling we will be a moment that must be remembered, remembered as bad. These are some of my travel experiences with annoying travelmates. Is your friend like this?

1. Holidays will be cool if you have a friend who has a little money but wants a lot. This is a lot like this

I once traveled with a travelmate who wanted a lot. I want to stay at a hotel with a swimming pool, I want the location of the hotel to be on the edge of the beach, I don't want to overheat so I prefer to rent a car rather than rent a motorbike. But the budget is really tight. BPJS is yes, Budget is Short, Soul of Socialite.

My friend only has a budget for a hotel that is not more than 100,000 rupiah per night, only has a budget of 100,000 rupiah per day for transportation, only wants to spend 100,000 to eat three times a day. I want a lot but the budget is very little. Not logical. In Indonesia, it is really good, but this is not expensive abroad. 2. Ngeselin has friends who are narcissistic. Every road a few steps has asked for a photo again, again, again. Tired of it ...

I also traveled with friends whose intention was to collect photos. Well who doesn't like photographs when traveling, everyone likes it. But if each way a few steps then ask for photos with various poses and many times are not satisfied with the pose itself so the photo ritual must be repeated many times, the name is annoying. Add the annoyance again, he can't copy me at my request. Is that sad? Is there something like that? 3. Travelmate is very fond of shopping that makes you feel good. Each shop he entered and ended up with a mountain of shopping items.

For Indonesians, Bangkok is a shopping paradise. Especially if you go to Bangkok at weekends, when Chatuchak Market, the largest art market in Bangkok, is open. Go around Cathuchak Market, just finish it all day. It's good if you have a friend who wants to drop by each stall, look at each item one by one, bidding one by one. I'm not satisfied to stop by another stall. Nawar again. Turn back to the first stall. Buy one grain. To another stall. Typical moms and sisters.

The ending is I also have to help with the shopping items that are very much. I also bothered thinking about how to bring groceries back to Indonesia. Think about whether the baggage is over limit, or no. Think about how to deal with excess baggage. Ahrrrghh ... no more. 4. Maybe you have had a procrastinating friend. He was sinless and just bought a ticket at H-7 and the ticket price has gone up dramatically.

Some time ago I planned to travel with friends to a new country. We get promo tickets from the red airline that are homebase in KL. Inevitably we have to have a ticket to get to and return from KL. Unfortunately, there are no promos for PP tickets to and from KL. Many times we check the ticket price for PP to and from KL, the price is still the same.

Every working day we just check the price. Bosen also, every day the work is just checking the ticket price, I'm asking him to order the ticket now, not tomorrow. Yes, the possibility of tomorrow rising prices is very likely. Eh, he casually said if the ticket price would be the same as the current price, or there is a possibility of the last minute promo ticket. I just follow it. Eh right near the day H ticket prices doubled. What's the matter of inviting.

5. There are friends who like traveling but like to owe. Yes, how come when I say it first in advance, it's just right again the way

I once went traveling with friends whose budget was minimal. What is clear is that when we eat together, he doesn't release his wallet. As a result I paid for her food. Likewise, when you want to rent a motorbike, or pay a trip, your friend doesn't release his wallet, or suddenly reasons if the money is left in the hotel room. Again, I pay for everything. Worse, he just said he would pay all of his expenses when we returned home.

You don't want to have to take money at an overseas ATM where there is a substantial discount for each transaction. So it wants to be happy, even tighter. 6. Travelmate who loves to complain. Just walking a little complaining, still waiting for angkot to complain, the food is not much complaining.

Traveling is actually a pleasant refreshing activity. With traveling we should be more relaxed and happier. But if you make a wrong choice of friends, traveling instead of making you happy instead makes you happy. The travelmate who loves to complain makes me feel bad and wants to hurry home.

Yes, when we wait for the crazy one for a little longer, the travelmate has complained, "Duh, how come it's really long. It's a waste of time. "When we checked in at the hotel, happened to have to wait a few minutes to prepare the room, instead he was angry with the hotel receptionist because he had to wait. When I want to eat, he also complains because the presentation is not the same as the one in the menu book. When the sun is hot again, travelmate complains, "the sun isn't relaxing, just makes my skin dry."

Duh, give up. Kapok. 7. It makes you feel like your friends are picky about food

One of the essentials of traveling is to try local cuisine in the area we visit. Unfortunately, I traveled several times with friends who were very picky. It's ok, as long as it doesn't bother me. The problem is that he doesn't want to eat carelessly, which ends up choosing not to eat at all. Really complicated? Even if you want to eat hygienic in expensive restaurants, you don't have money either. It's really troublesome.

This annoying behavior of your travelmate is only visible after a vacation with him. Traveling makes us know what our friends really are. If it's already already taken, it's cool. My friend has been annoyed, then we are also right.

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