7 Tourist Attractions that Must Be Visited While on Vacation in Malang City and Batu. All Epic and Exciting
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7 Tourist Attractions that Must Be Visited While on Vacation in Malang City and Batu. All Epic and Exciting Sometimes people find it difficult to distinguish between Batu City and Malang City. Well, actually Batu City is arguably the highland of Malang City. Here the air ranges from 12-19 degrees Celsius, really cool to be enjoyed by local and outside tourists who come just to escape for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the city and work or for a family vacation. Not even a few foreign tourists who come to enjoy tourism in Batu City, it turns out it is already well known everywhere.

Maybe for those of you who do not know what tour is recommended in Batu, in this article I will try to provide information about what the tourist is. Check this out!

1. Paragliding Tours, Mount Many

Administratively the existence of this tourist attraction is at the top of Mount Banyka, which is located very near the center of Batu city. In 2011 ago, the Paragliding recreation area became very viral because at that time the Batu Open Paragliding was being held which was attended by a number of well-known domestic and foreign athletes. Since that incident many local and foreign tourists have paid attention to this one tourist spot. You can just take pictures in this place or run your adrenaline by riding the Paragliding. How, have I been interested in trying?

2. Omah Kayu, Gunung Banyak

After finishing playing with paragliding, don't go home first. In this Paragliding tourism area there are also one other tourist spot which is also no less hits, friends. Its name is Omah Kayu Tourism. Why is the name Omah Kayu? Omah means House, which means that it looks like a wooden house hanging from a tree. The scene you are going to get is not asked again, it will surely spoil your eyes and you can also get good photos with a view of Batu City and Many Mountains behind you, cool right?

3 . Kelici Park Tourism

There is still one more tourist attraction in Gunung Banyak. The location is not too far from the Paragliding Tour, just down a few meters below the paragliding location. Its name is Wisata Kelinci Park. The tourist area not only presents natural scenery, but you can also interact with the cute rabbits that are there, like feeding. Interesting not friends? This tourism concept is similar to a farmhouse in Bandung, and there is also a Hobbit house, like in the movie The Lord of the Rings, cool !! Recommended for those of you who want a family vacation with different nuances.

4. Coban Rondo Tourism Destination

If you talk about tourism in Malang and its surroundings, you don't feel complete if we haven't discussed about coban-coban. Coban is a term for waterfalls in Malang and surrounding areas. One of the famous Coban, Coban Rondo. The location is also not too far from downtown Batu, about 30 minutes away by private vehicle. This tour not only offers the beauty of the waterfall, but also many other rides as well. Call it the famous one is the Coban Rondo labyrinth. You could say, if you vacation here, this place is complete, you can play various rides in one place. Please try!

5. Coban Talun Tourism

There is one unique coban in Batu City, the name is Coban Talun Tourism. This tour, like Coban Rondo, also offers not only the sensation of falling waterfalls, but also other new vehicles that can be visited by all ages ranging from parents to children, such as flower gardens, Pagupon Camp (which This is like a Dutch style house, Apache Camp (which is like a typical Indian house). Because of its natural beauty, prewedding photos are also often done here, cool isn't it. This tour is only 3 km from Selecta Tourism, and 10 minutes drive from Batu City Square. Good luck!

6. Selecta Tourism

Batu City? Cool air? Beautiful Flower Garden? If you have heard these 3 words, it will surely occur in their minds this one tourist spot. Yes, Selecta Tourism. This tour is almost certainly the main destination if you come to Batu city. How come? With the support of beauty, natural surroundings, and cool air, and easy access, this tour is perfect for those of you who want to cool the brain that yesterday was encouraged to think continuously at work or on campus.

7. Transport Museum

Want a vacation abroad but not enough budget? There is one tourist spot in Batu City that can be a solution to your problem. The name is Museum Angkut. The location is not far from Kota Batu Square, about 5 minutes drive. This museum has a collection of items such as complete transportation. Ranging from tanks, antique cars, rickshaws, until the plane is in this museum. What distinguishes it from other museums is that there are several places or rooms that are made exactly like iconic cities in the world, such as Paris with its Eiffel tower, New York with its Gangster City, London with Buckingham Palace, etc. To take pictures, Museum Angkut really is the right place because of the many photo spots that you can use. Guaranteed your vacation is very exciting and fun if you come here

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