7 This Relaxing Answer You Can Say, When It Starts Being Hot Asked Many Times Question Will Register When CPNS
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7 This Relaxing Answer You Can Say, When It Starts Being Hot Asked Many Times Question Will Register When CPNS There are many roads to Rome, so is your way of life in pursuing a career. If there are some people who are called to dedicate their lives to serving the country as civil servants, then that does not mean you also have a kind of obligation to go through the same road. If indeed you are interested in trying when there is an opening of CPNS formation that is in sight, go for it. But if not, the decision is entirely yours. But sometimes it's like being hot, if family, neighborhood or friendship starts to go back and forth to discuss and ask:

"You don't register CPNS? Your loss doesn't register. Do you want to join the formation where? "

If your parents ask, maybe the question can be a little complicated even though you still have full rights to decide because this is related to your own future. But if an outsider doesn't seem to be too baper, let alone be answered with a right tone and (God forbid) rude. Because life nobody knows right? It could be this year you are not interested at all, but next year you will change your mind. Now, when answering questions about registering for CPNS or not, whatever it is, you can say 7 answers that are quite relaxed following. Don't forget, stay calm and have a big smile. Because you are fully responsible for your own.

1. "Oh, I want Aunt, but unfortunately the formation for me is no longer in the city I am looking for. Not yet a fortune like that. "

Whether it's real or not, the answer is no formation that is opened for your department specifically, it can be a casual answer to stop the barrage of questions about CPNS registration or not. Usually this method works. Just remember, keep calm and sweet smile!

2. "This year there are still no plans, because there are other activities that must be done. Maybe next time, after all it's still not stuck yet. "

Answering honestly doesn't hurt, it's 100% your right. If you ask an outsider or a distant family, you don't need to be taken in your heart, because usually they are just a small talk.

3. "Wow, I have a project myself. So I don't know whether to register or not. "

This can also be a convenient answer when answering insistent questions from people around the CPNS list or not. Whether there really is a project of its own or not, what is important is that you do not seem to reject it outright (be careful because it can be your own talk) or say yes and it can be long.

4. "I am bound by an xx year contract at work. So it seems like the other lists in the near future cannot, the fine is the problem. "

This can also be a diplomatic answer when asked about the CPNS list or not. After all, if the fine, they also don't want to pay right? No need to be too honest and also explain the rules for working your place, people just need your answers to register or not, how come.

5. "I plan to marry this year, and possibly join a husband who doesn't know where to place."

Getting married can be a good reason to silence questions about the CPNS list or not. But never give this answer if you are not yet applied for a boyfriend, rather than later being gossip. Mending all answered when you have no candidates or are you really going to get married, hehe.

6. "I have no mind to become a CPNS this year and still enjoy looking for experiences at work now. Don't know, if later. "

Answering honestly with the usual tone of conversation can be a surefire solution for those of you who are already hot and asked to list CPNS or not. Woles, if there is a series of other questions, just answer it at will. Over time, they will get bored themselves too.

7. "This afternoon I haven't thought about it yet, Auntie. Don't know if later this afternoon. "

Just play with a big smile. Whoever is picky and who is it, if it is with parents it is usually a bit difficult because it will be mistaken. No need to be taken seriously when there are friends, relatives, distant families who ask. After all, you registered them and they won't help you, right?

Being a CPNS is entirely an option. If you have another passion and you are confident you can achieve it, then it should be said that people won't shake your mind. Bete, yes, if every day for the next few months the topic of family chat, neighbors and friends play will revolve around CPNS. But don't forget to encourage those who are serious about registering and staying woles when asked. Their intentions may be good, and maybe they don't feel their questions bother. These times will pass, so just focus on your work and goals now. Excitement!

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