7 Things You Must Look For When Vacationing to Japan After Winter. Let It Not Die Style
06 November 2018 Dinilint Travel 419
7 Things You Must Look For When Vacationing to Japan After Winter. Let It Not Die Style

Do you have a plan for a trip to Japan? Japan has 4 seasons and in every season Japan has something interesting. It's exciting if you can travel to Japan in different seasons. If the winter is a lot of snow, the spring cherry blossoms are scattered everywhere. While summer the weather is very hot, while autumn flowers and leaves are brown and beautiful.

One interesting season for sightseeing in Japan is winter or winter. Winter is not something we can get in Indonesia right. But there are a number of reasons you should pay attention before deciding on a trip to Japan during winter or winter. Check out the review!

During winter, the temperature in Japan is really cold. Are you sure you want to take a walk and get cold?

The air temperature in winter in Japan can reach minus for certain areas. But I just want to share my winter experiences in popular Japanese destinations; Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto just like that. These three places are said to have more friendly temperatures during winter. The temperature is around -3 to 7 degrees Celsius.

I don't imagine what if the temperature is cooler than that. At a temperature of -3 to 7 degrees Celsius, it feels like I've frozen freezing all the way. So if mager isn't that cool? You have to consider this temperature, if you are not strong enough, you don't need it.

For those of you who are lazy, there is a lot of things, you can't help but have a thick shirt and coat

Traveling to Japan during winter without carrying a thick shirt and coat is suicide. Especially if you plan to buy a coat in Japan. We recommend that you don't buy it there because you have to be ready with warm clothes when you get there.

But really, if you wear Japanese-made jackets or sweaters with those purchased at Indonesia is very different. Somehow if you use warm clothes bought in Japan, it feels warmer. Well, bringing warm clothes will make you have to think about buying luggage or not. Thick and coat clothes clearly add to the volume and weight of luggage. If the budget backpacker is minimal, it must be a problem too, right?

Don't expect OOTD photos, which have a coat off the day. You can't show off your outfit, hehehe

Don't expect to be able to take photos with different outfits while in Japan. I'm talking about this as a normal person who probably only has 1 coat. During a trip in Japan during winter, surely we will wear a coat or warm clothes. Well, when the photo, of course the photo with the coat we use. Don't think about opening it for good photos. Really cold. Not to mention if there is a super cold wind that suddenly comes. Can freeze to death later.

Don't be fooled by sunny weather. Even though there's sun but it's cold, it's still cold.

The weather forecast in Japan is very accurate. But do not misunderstand the forecast of sunny weather with pictures of the sun when traveling in Japan during winter. Even though the sun is really bright, it's really cold. I was tricked when I decided to use a lighter coat. It turned out that I was cold and half dead and I couldn't help but have to find a thicker coat in the shop. Budget swells.

Going home late on winter in Japan is an activity that is not recommended. Believe it!

I always go home at night when traveling. Unfortunately this has become a torment when traveling in Japan during winter. Everywhere whose name is night, the air temperature must be cooler. Especially during winter. The air temperature during the daytime is already cold, especially if it's night, it's really cold. But what do you do, the name is a trip, you have to be satisfied, as a result, you go home late at night, as a result you get cold again.

Illumination that only occurs when winter in Japan is very beautiful and makes really feels like it's overseas. Hehehe

Traveling to Japan during winter is different from other seasons. As it approaches Christmas, cities in Japan are competing to beautify themselves by installing illumintion. Illumination is a collection of beautiful lights that are formed into a variety of creations. These lights can be flowers, types of animals, and even become buildings. Well, what's special is that it's only in Japan during winter.

Snow in Japan only appears during winter. Even though you will be cold, photos with snow ornaments in Japan must be legal

As a tropical child, meeting snow is like a dream. If you're lucky, snow and snow will appear in Tokyo and Osaka. Taking pictures near a pile of snow that is still white is of course a picnic goal. This can only be obtained during winter. Try more exciting, take pictures with snow that has been formed in various forms. Indeed, Japanese people are very creative.

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