7 Simple Tips on Enduring the Moon Elegantly. For you Kos kids who have pocket money just barely
19 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Success 302
7 Simple Tips on Enduring the Moon Elegantly. For you Kos kids who have pocket money just barely "Oh, bokek! It's been the end of the month, the meal money is gone!

Familiar with this sentence fragment? Or do you often say it? Duh, don't let the Hipwee readers experience it because they really want it, every month they have to struggle with finances (even run out) at the end of the month. Sad again, the reason that is often used is his name is also a boarding house child. In fact, if you are wise in managing finances, the painful stories about eating instant noodle crumbs at the end of the month will be just jokes.

Maybe the boarding school kids can still survive and live comfortably at the end of the month? In fact, it can be really! If you are smart and can save money and do not like to lose money, you should pay for the boarding house to play with friends, so your finances should be fine from the beginning to the end of the month. Let me no longer experience a sad story at the end of the month, let's read Hipwee's article this time!

1. Nothing is instant. If you want to successfully survive at the end of the month, the strategy you should have begun to design from the beginning of the month

It's not the time to live at the end of the month by deification the name is also a boarding house child 'as an excuse. Today, the monthly quota that you get is usually calculated by parents. Indeed, it may not be abundant, but it should be enough to make simple living expenses everyday. ORIGIN You know yourself and can develop a good strategy. Here are the simple steps you can do: At the beginning of the month, make posts every time you spend regularly. For example, food posts, transportation posts and college needs posts. Then, just make a post for recreation, emergency funds and more. Make a realistic post, which must be prioritized for daily life and the operational costs of the lecture. Create a rational strategy. There is no need for grandeur, if this month I can't afford to buy new clothes or hang out often in the cafe. No need to be afraid of being said to be difficult just because you refuse the invitation of your friends. Mending to save money rather than hurray at the beginning of the month but instead not being able to snack and finally borrow money to friends for food. Ugh, that's troublesome! If possible, try diligently hunting for promos and discounts. Do not admit to being frugal if you are still lazy, a little effort can be made to cut prices, vouchers or slash prices

2. Don't just stock up on instant foods that mostly contain preservatives and artificial flavors. There are a lot of cheap food alternatives, but healthier!

Assuming an average rice per kilo 10,000, you can buy 20,000 IDR of rice, plus tofu with the price of an average of 6,000 pieces and around 10,000 pound eggs for healthy eating at the end of the month. You can buy vegetables like carrots and mustard for 10,000. In total, the money you spend is not up to 100,000 for one week, you know! If you don't have a refrigerator, you can buy tofu and vegetables in warteg, the rice is cooked every day at boarding or rented. Hayo, if you still don't like that, it's the only thing that you don't want to do

3. It's time to invite a boarding house friend or friend in a joint venture for cooking at boarding. Uh, don't be pessimistic first! Cook together much more economically and filling up!

Let's invite friends to cook together, can a joint cook rice, tofu or chicken and vegetables. If it is borne together, it won't feel expensive and certainly can still eat full. Remember, you don't have to starve and eat raw noodles at the end of the month, as long as you know the tricks to keep up with elegant

4. So that not only dragging at the end, try starting next month to record all expenses. From large to loose change. It's important to know, how well you handle finances

There is no other secret to controlling finances. There are many financial applications that you can download if you are lazy to manually write. By recording expenses, you know you have the most financial leaks where

5. Reduce snacks outside. If it feels difficult, try starting the exercise by rationing yourself snacks per week. If it's not like this, it will continue to leak

Snacks outside the city, obviously it will go bankrupt at the end of the month. Indeed changing habits won't be as easy as turning your palm. Try starting with rationing yourself per week, maximum allowance for snacks (other than compulsory meals that you have to do outside), according to your financial ability. The more wise and mature you are to control yourself, the more elegant you can endure at the end of the month

6. If the trick above still feels difficult for you, it's time to try to find additional income. It could be, indeed the cost of your life is above the quota that parents can afford

Dig your potential to get additional income. Anything can be tried, as long as it's positive and lawful. For example, by starting selling your favorite products online, offering tutoring services to school children or creating DIY objects such as bags, pop up photos and the like until hunting scholarships. Creativity is the key!

7. Saving small savings will save you at the end of the month. Calm down, there's a lot of saving techniques that are light and you can apply!

Try saving with easy tricks such as entering every 2,000 or 20,000 money you get into a special piggy bank. Little by little, but it will definitely accumulate quite well and can support the impromptu needs at the end of the month.

It's not impossible how to survive elegantly at the end of the month. If you apply all the savings methods, but the finance still feels tight, it could be that your finances are a big stake rather than a pole (or you are wasteful constantly). Well, instead of complaining and asking for extra to parents, it would be wiser if you turn your brain to try other businesses with the abilities you have. No need to be proud, true friends will definitely support and encourage you. Hopefully this article can be an inspiration for you, Guys!

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