7 of these songs are suitable to be the soundtrack of a life that is too much. Let it not be further down later
04 November 2018 sastrawacana Motivation 218
7 of these songs are suitable to be the soundtrack of a life that is too much. Let it not be further down later Being upset? Breakup? Tired? Ingen just cry suddenly?

That's the sign you're in an unstable mood. Usually girls, who often feel sudden mood changes. Don't let it because this activity is messing up, guys. Especially if the deadline or is meeting with the client. Wow, it could be ruined by your plan.

Well, don't worry, don't worry. Here are 7 lists of songs that can make you back on fire. Try to pay attention and listen. Who knows, it could be a powerful remedy to cure your sadness

1. Mariah Carey - Trough The Rain

Hurricane problems will always come until one day you will feel where no one can help you. As a responsible woman you must be able to stand back after the storm hits you and give you a new hope for your gift. Indeed the song sounds slowy. But, the meaning is really deep.

2. Christina Aguilera - Fighter

Take lessons and lessons from everything that happens. Because with these problems, maybe you won't be able to be this great. Believe every problem that makes you sad, will make you more resilient.

3. Beyonce - Listen

Are you disappointed with someone? Maybe this song is suitable for you. Yep, the contents of this song, which is a disappointment, are common. What is remarkable is when you are able to give up and reciprocate in a good way. that way you will be able to prove to the whole world that you can reach your dreams.

4. Alicia Keys - Girls On Fire

In this song Alicia Keys wants to say that a woman is a strong creature starting from taking care of her home and self to be confident. Therefore, we should indeed be able to motivate ourselves to keep up the spirit. That is brief from the lyrics conclusions.

5. Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself

In accordance with the title, Hailee Steinfeld tries to give a message to all women in the world especially you. In order to start now try to love yourself first. In this way you will be more enthusiastic in doing everything.

6. Rachel Platten - Fight Song

Even though it is in a period of adversity. And the world weakens you or someone doubts you. Don't care, just show that you are a tough woman. And after going through all the obstacles you will be a better person than before.

7. Katty Perry - Part Of Me

In this song, Katty Perry gives a message that you are you. You are not someone else. In your life you are the main role. Don't hesitate and don't let anyone damage your uniqueness even to make you hurt. Show the best side you have.

Of all the messages given through this song. The key is we must believe, be sure and love ourselves first. You will be able to pass all obstacles if you believe that you can do it yourself. Because you are a tough woman!

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