7 Make-up Tips for the Owner of Belo Eyes. Let me be more beautiful like a doll
21 September 2018 Dwita Apriliani Style 261
7 Make-up Tips for the Owner of Belo Eyes. Let me be more beautiful like a doll Don't get me wrong, as girls who have big eyes also sometimes like difficulties when they want to use make-up. This case is not just a monopoly of your small eye owner. If you mistakenly apply makeup around the eyes, it is feared to make the eyes even add more. Want not to use make-up at all, the appearance actually looks dull and not bright. Then, what is the right way to dress up if you have big eyeballs?

Indeed, having big eyes makes you often called like a doll. But, not infrequently also likes to be considered scary and intimidating because your eyes are getting more and more occasional. For that, you have to know the right way to dress up so that your face gets more beautiful like a doll and doesn't look scary. Come on, see the following make-up tips.

1. Usually, large eyeballs are followed by dark circles under the eyes which are quite disturbing. Overcome with concealer, huh!

The existence of dark circles under the eyes is indeed successful in disturbing appearance. Especially if your eyes are big, as if you feel that your eyes are getting even lighter because of that circle. To overcome this, you can use concealer thinly, then blend with a sponge or fingers until evenly distributed.

2. The eyes must be the highlight of your face. Come on, beautify it with thin and colored eyeliner

It's fun to have those little eyes you just beautify with a touch of thin eyeliner. It's not always brown or black, but you can play with bright colors like white eyeliner. That way, your face will look more beautiful and shining.

3. Don't be afraid to play colors on the eyes. You can apply eyeshadow attractive colors like gold or silver.

Not just eyeliner, you can also apply eyeshadow to the eye area. You can use gold or silver eyeshadow to give the impression of glamor and shine brighter. When it's like this, your eyes no longer look scary when you're angry. Hehe.

4. You can make the appearance more 'shade' by applying mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

In addition to the beautiful colors of eyeliner and eyeshadow, you can add mascara to make your eyes more shading your appearance. Use mascara to stop the upper and lower lashes slowly and thinly. You look more beautiful like a doll, huh!

5. Arrange the eyebrows and firmly by giving enough color

In order to make the appearance more attractive, you can trim and strengthen your eyebrows by giving enough color. If your eyebrows are thick, then just trim them. But if not, you can polish it using the eyebrow pensix just thin and neat.

6. You also apply other facial makeup. Such as moisturizer and powder to look bright

Face without powder makes you look dull, even though you have used eyeliner and eyeshadow. For that, you still have to use a moisturizer and powder so that the face looks bright. Choose a moisturizer that matches the condition of the skin and powder that has a matching color.

7. Finally, give the lips a lipstick with favorite lipstick!

Your appearance is still lacking if the lips have not been given a touch of lipstick. Choose your favorite lipstick, especially those that match your skin tone and outfits. That way, your beauty is even more radiant like a doll.

Now, you don't need to bother anymore to dress up for any event. Even though your eyes are not, it turns out you can still play colors on the eyes. Good practice!

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