7 Easy Steps to Dress Up Golden Hour that Makes Your Face Golden with the Sun.
15 Oktober 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 436
7 Easy Steps to Dress Up Golden Hour that Makes Your Face Golden with the Sun. If you pay attention to the trend of facial makeup in medsos lately, many girls with cheeks, chin, lips, and other parts of the face appear shiny golden. At first glance it looks like the effect caused when it comes to sunlight. But it's more intense and has a strong golden impression.

Have you ever known "Golden Hour" makeup yet? That's it, dress up in the style of a sun kissed style that makes the face become shiny when exposed to sunlight. The difference is, this golden hour makeup effect is displayed warmer and golden. The color is like sunshine just after sunrise or before sunset, orange-orange like that. Even though it doesn't look too much, it's even natural. The trick is easy, try to follow the easy steps below.

1. As usual, use moisturizer as a base before applying makeup. Moisturizers that have a shiny effect will be better

To display the glowy makeup, you are advised to use a special moisturizer that not only hydrates the skin, but also makes the face look shiny. But still prioritize moisturizers that match your skin, huh. After moisturizing, it's a good idea to add a primer to confirm the smooth texture of the skin. Apply it to the entire face evenly before using the foundation.

2. Continue using light foundation or BB cream to disguise the blemishes on the face

After applying moisturizer, choose a mild foundation to disguise the blemishes on your face to make it look flawless. If you are not used to using foundation or do not want to be too heavy on the make-up, you can change your moisturizer with tinted moisturizer which is a lighter formula than foundation but still provides good coverage.

3 . After that, use your favorite concealer for areas that require more coverage such as under the eyes or black spots and acne scars for example

Apply concealer with a bright effect on the face that needs it, such as under the eyes and blemishes. Swipe with your fingers or a fine brush so that your concealer blends with the foundation applied before.

4. For maximum glowing effects, mix liquid highlighter parts of the cheekbones to the forehead of the side of the face

Well, this stage is the key to giving a golden sparkling face effect. Apply a highlighter with a liquid texture to produce a more intense glowing effect. Apply it to the cheekbones and the side forehead to form the letter C then blend evenly. The glitter particles in liquid higlighter are smaller so that they give a beautiful shimmery effect. Choose a color that is a little dark in gold, yes!

5. To provide additional luster, brush highlighter powder at the highest peaks of the face

Pile of highlighter powder on top of the cheekbones and forehead that had been applied to a liquid highlighter before. Also brush at the highest part of the face such as on the forehead, nose, and chin. Choose the color of the pale peach or semi-gold to make the results smoother. Because this product is pigmented, you can also wear it as an eyeshadow to give a glowing effect on your eyelids!

6. Trim eyebrows, eyelashes and gold-colored eyeshadow brushes on the eyelids.

Don't forget to smooth out the eyebrows and reinforce the lines and colors. Choose a golden eyeshadow palette with shimmery ingredients to give a natural luster to the eye area. It doesn't matter if you don't use eyeliner, the important thing is to lash your eyelashes and give mascara to give the impression of life to the eyes.

7. Finally, beautify your lips using nude or brown lipstick to reinforce the feel of its golden hour

For lipstick, you can choose nude colors or brownish tones to perfect makeup. Previously, use lip balm first so that your lips don't look too dry and more moist. Now, to add to the luster, add highlighter powder to the lips after being given lipstick evenly. Or, you can also use metallic lipstick which immediately gives a sparkling effect to the lips.

For more details, you can see the tutorial here.

How, easy isn't it? For the final touch, you can put a brown bronzer to add a warm impression to the face. Apply thinly on the cheekbones, forehead and nose bones with a brush to blend perfectly with the makeup. Now, now is the time for selfie fun to show off the golden hour effect while waiting for dusk! Like Tara Basro yet?

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