7 Documents You Must Bring and Prepare Before the Lahiran Day. Candidates for Mama Check First Yes, Don t Beat It
11 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Young Mom 449
7 Documents You Must Bring and Prepare Before the Lahiran Day. Candidates for Mama Check First Yes, Don t Beat It Childbirth is a natural process that every pregnant woman looks forward to. By the end of the final trimester, anxiety and impatience will definitely be felt. Well, usually near the end of the trimester or near the 8-9 months of pregnancy, pregnant women will be advised to start packing items that will be needed on the day of delivery. Starting from personal equipment, baby equipment to several documents should also be prepared early.

In order for the delivery day to arrive you don't get ready to prepare everything, don't forget to prepare some important documents to take to the following hospital or maternity clinic. Yes, it's best to prepare well in advance of the HPL so you don't have to panic too much when going to the maternity clinic. What documents do you have to carry? Listen and note the following list!

1. First thing first, don't forget to always prepare MCH books in bags or suitcases that are ready to transport before the birth

The MCH Handbook or Maternal and Child Health Book is generally a pink book that must be owned by mothers in Indonesia. For those of you who from the beginning of pregnancy have decided to take part in a government program, you will definitely get this book from the hospital or health center since the first control of the womb. This book must be stored and carried every time the womb controls and of course it also needs to be taken at the time of delivery. Each child's medical record will be written here and needed even until the child enters elementary school. Well, for those who control the womb in a private hospital, don't forget to also bring the maternal and child medical record book given from the hospital where you normally control.

2. Mother and husband's identity card don't forget to bring it. If necessary, also make copies of 1-2 sheets just to keep them in a ready-to-carry bag

Remember to bring your ID and husband in a special folder along with a copy, just in case. If necessary, also bring a copy of the KTP of 2 witnesses who will be used in making the birth certificate of the child, if your area has provided these services at the maternity hospital.

3. Also make sure the BPJS card is stored along with the items in the carrying bag. Let me not lose my way in the seconds to go to the maternity clinic

If you decide on birth in a hospital covered by BPJS, then you are clearly obliged to bring this card on the day of the day. If you choose to give birth in a private hospital that only accepts BPJS cards for emergency actions, there's no harm in bringing a card in case needed. Better safe than sorry, right?

4. Also prepare an insurance card if you have one. Just in case there are additional costs that cannot be covered by the BPJS insurance

Birth costs will be lighter if you have an additional insurance card that can cover all kinds of labor costs. So make sure you bring all kinds of insurance cards that you have!

5. If possible, also bring a KK card just in case, maybe the hospital or clinic where you give birth can process the birth certificate at all

There are several areas such as in Surabaya which can now directly process the making of a child's birth certificate in a maternity hospital. Therefore, just keep carrying a Family Card and a copy, because we never know the policy changes at any time when you will give birth in a clinic or maternity hospital right? If at this time you have not made a new KK with your husband, there is nothing wrong with you starting to take care of it now, while still more free, so that later it will not be more troublesome later.

6. Also bring a copy of your marriage certificate and husband, yes who knows the hospital where you gave birth can already process the child birth certificate

There is no harm in preparing a copy or copy of the marriage certificate before the day of birth. Who knows if the hospital is ready to process your child's birth certificate?

7. Don't forget to prepare an ATM and passbook for the cost of labor later

This is important, because sometimes it likes to be forgotten. Make an emergency fund ATM that is stored along with a bag ready to transport when the day of delivery arrives. Don't forget to bring cash for sudden needs!

To be more presentable, there's nothing wrong with saving all the supporting documents in a special folder that is easily accessible in your bag or suitcase ready to transport you. Yes, for some documents such as identity cards, it will usually always be stored in the wallet, so make sure your bag is always open so that at any time you just stuff your wallet into it. Hopefully this information from Hipwee is useful!

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