7 Current Travel Destinations in Semarang That Will Make You Know and Reluctant to Go Home
09 Oktober 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 369
7 Current Travel Destinations in Semarang That Will Make You Know and Reluctant to Go Home Semarang is not too synonymous with tourism. This city is better known as the city of lumpia and port city. Formerly, this city had become the capital of the Dutch East Indies. Naturally, because the city that was established on May 2, 1547 was in a very strategic location and had a large port. By the Netherlands, Semarang is often called Venetie van Java because it has many channels.

Although not famous for tourist destinations, it turns out there are some interesting contemporary destinations in this Atlas city. Apparently, Semarang doesn't want to be left behind with cities like Jogja, Bandung and Malang that have instagramable and colorful hits.

What's wrong in Semarang? Let's see 7 hits in Semarang and its surroundings!

Wono Gedong Songo tourism is an attractive choice for selfie photo spot lovers. You will be spoiled here

Wono Lestari Gedong Songo is in the area of Gedong Songo Temple, precisely in Candi Village, Kec. Bandungan, District. Semarang. It takes a trip about 1 hour 20 minutes from the city of Semarang. Instagramable photo spots are available there.

Celosia Bandungan Park presents a beautiful expanse of colorful gardens and replicas of popular landmarks in the world

Multicolored flower gardens are trending in recent years. This Celosia flower garden in Bandungan is one of them. Not only are there celosia flowers, replicas of world-famous landmarks are also there. Starting from the replica of the Merlion Statue in Singapore, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Windmill in the Netherlands, and so on.

New Sabana Swamp Pening has become the most prominent location in the past few weeks. When else will the Swamp Pening be like this savanna?

This rare natural phenomenon is the concern of many people. Yep, dizzy swamps dry up and turn into grasslands or savannas. Now many are visiting there. While it's not yet the rainy season, let's come to New Sabana Rawa Pening.

Ayana Gedong Songo, the instagramable spot in Semarang is very beautiful

There are many instagramable cheap spots in Semarang, one of them is Ayana Gedong Songo. Various contemporary photo spots such as hot air balloons, air bubbles etc. you can enjoy easily. The entrance ticket is only 20 thousand rupiah. It will be satisfied with the photos here.

Kreo Cave is not a new tourist spot, but the spot is guaranteed to be new and very cute!

Kreo Cave is in the Jatibarang Reservoir area, precisely on Jl. Raya Goa Kreo, Desa Kandri, Kec. Mr. Pati, Semarang City. Now there are many instagenic spots in Kreo Goa. Start snow spots, hot air balloons, and cherry blossoms. Very much the point. You must come there huh!

Kopeng Agro Tourism also provides spectacular photo spots with views of Mount Merbabu et al!

There is another soothing tour in Semarang Regency called Kopeng Agro Tourism. The viewpoint is still new and suitable for family tours. You can also see 6 mountains at once, including Mount Slamet, Mount Sumbing, Mount Sindoro, Mount Telomoyo, Mount Andong, Mount Gajah, and Mount Merbabu. Spectacular!

Watu Gajah Park

Watu Gajah Park located at Ds. Wringin Putih, Kec. Bergas, Semarang is still very new. This tour will feature waterboom rides, koi fish ponds, to firefly rides. This place is not finished yet, but it has been opened to the public anyway. I'm sure this place will become a destination for the next few months.

Tuh right, Semarang isn't just a lumpia right? There are many tourist destinations that you must try. Let's take a vacation to Semarang!

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