7 Crimes that Girls Often Do to Girlfriends. but he often doesn t realize it himself
19 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 105
7 Crimes that Girls Often Do to Girlfriends. but he often doesn t realize it himself When talking about a relationship, for some reason guys are always the party that is cornered by girls. Strange predicates are often pinned to guys, from insensitive, rude, to nasty. Even until the premise arises like "the guy is always wrong" or "all guys are the same". Even though it's often just for joking, but try to imagine if you become a guy? KZL.

Indeed, it can't be denied that sometimes the behavior of a guy sucks, but isn't that a girl too? Try introspection. Girls often do things that make kzl guys. Just maybe you just don't realize.

1. Often girls who are prejudiced are weird to their partners just because there are guys who are bad

Adel: How come my phone has just been closed?

Galuh: Again on the road. Sorry,

Adel: Again on the road? Or is it another way for another girl?

Admittedly or not, you must have been prejudiced negatively on your girlfriend. Just because you empathize with the story of your friend who has just caught his cheating boyfriend, you immediately parno yourself and think "maybe this is my guy too" You immediately suddenly possessed your boyfriend as if all the guys were the same. Hmm ... worried about accusing thin difference, huh?

2. Indeed, asking to be asked by a girlfriend when shopping is not wrong, just have to know yourself. Do not be late, especially when suddenly asking for payment

Did you ever think of the feeling of a guy when shopping. Primarily when you choose clothes for a long time, it could be when your guy has another business. Or when you ask to pay your guy suddenly, maybe then your boyfriend's wallet is thin. Is it bad if you still do it?

3. Asking for a college shuttle occasionally is okay. But if you have your own motorbike or your house is closer to campus, it won't bother your boyfriend?

Any guy knows that girls always want to be privileged. But you have to know that it can't be done continuously. For example, shuttle business. You must also understand that your guy has a busy life. Every now and then he might like to take and pick up his lover, but if it continues, of course it will disrupt their activities.

4. Know you want to go out at night but still wear minimal clothes. It's cool to ask to borrow a jacket from her partner ... hmm, sorry for being a guy

For girls it might be romantic when a guy is willing to lend his jacket when it's cold as in FTV. But for some guys this is not logical. Guys must be wondering "why do you know that the night is cold, still not wearing a jacket?"

Okay, you are lucky if your guy never has a problem. But you still have the heart to keep your guy cold?

5. Do you know, asking for a password especially controlling social media is a bad man. Guys also need privacy

Just like girls, guys also have things that girls don't want to know. Don't be surprised if the guy doesn't like it when his privacy is disturbed. Not because he doesn't love his girl, but he also needs his own space.

6. Fertile, but when I ask for a photograph, I'm always not satisfied by saying "why am I fat?"

Not all guys are good at photography. So understand that he often has difficulty taking pictures as you wish. If indeed he has tried many times but still can't make your body look tight, maybe it's not the fault of the guy or the camera. That means you need a diet.

7. When hungry complain in front of a boyfriend. When invited to eat then full, instead saying "you do not support my diet program"

Which guy is not confused when his girl complains and fusses starvation, but when bought food instead bete and accuses his guy does not care about his diet program. Hey girl ... what do you want? Not that it doesn't matter, guys just do what they should do. He just can't bear to see his lover suffer only because of the diet. No diet, your guy will still like you.

During this time, girls always ask to be understood by their girlfriends, but never thought that boys also want to be understood? Instead of cornering girls, just remind them that don't overdo it by always looking at negative guys. It is also important for occasional self-introspection.

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