6 Unique Kids Bedroom Design Ideas and Spur Creativity. It s really like this
01 November 2018 Furnizing Tips 358
6 Unique Kids Bedroom Design Ideas and Spur Creativity. It s really like this Designing a room for children will certainly be different from the bedroom in general. In the room, children need to continue to develop, be creative, and also relax. To provide these needs, of course various kinds of things can be done in designing rooms such as choosing colors, ornaments in the room, or furniture used in it.

The following are some of the children's bedroom design ideas that can be the inspiration for parents in designing rooms for dear children.

1. Area for playing and learning

In addition to being a space for sleep and rest, the child's room must also be a comfortable area for playing and learning. Children will certainly spend enough time in the room if there is an area that is free to move actively.

As with this one design, the bedroom at the top gives plenty of space to the bottom so that it can be used as a place to relax or read a book. The use of carpets on the floor also allows children to play on the floor without worrying about cold or dirty floors.

2. Classic and to the point

Some colors and furniture in the room can be a pretty simple accent in decorating a room. In this one design it will be very suitable for girls' rooms to grow up. With some motivational writing on the wall and also various ornaments on the bed such as yellow mattress frames and flower pillows.

3. Doll and orange color

Of course not surprised if in the child's room decorated with dolls and also some kinds of toys in the room. But this one design idea is not just a doll, but also the use of orange accents in the rooms that match the fox dolls spread in every corner of the room.

The orange color itself also gives a positive impression to the child as well as spurring creativity. A clean and bright children's room is certainly one of the things that is good in a child's growth period.

4. Shared bedroom

If you have two or three children whose age is not too far away, of course making them sleep in one room is not a problem to save space in the house. But not just a bedroom with three mattresses, but how the bed and also the play and study area can still be available in the room.

One way is to make a bunk bed. Whether with bunk bed furniture or uniquely designed like the idea above. Each bed area is equipped with reading lights so that each child can still read a book before going to bed.

In addition to placing the furniture, the atmosphere of the room must be bright with brightly colored walls and floors and windows facing the sleeping area.

5. Adjust children's preferences from small

From childhood, of course, a child can show his hidden talent. For example, from a small child you like to sing or draw, this is what parents need to support. Design a bedroom that supports their interests and talents as well as rooms designed with a gallery of children's works or the availability of facilities that are in accordance with children's preferences.

In the design above, the children's room was designed with various color accents and white walls for children to attach various kinds of drawings. In addition to motivating children, this makes children appreciate their own work.

6. Simple is beauty

In designing something it doesn't always have to be a lot of detail or complexity. Sometimes things that are quite simple can look beautiful when combined well. One of them is the inspiration of this one watermelon-themed room.

The watermelon pattern is not only visible on the cushion but also on the wall and is applied to some furniture in the room. The selection of colors that match the watermelon, of course, makes the child's bedroom feel more cheerful and fun.

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