6 types of clothing that can be worn without a bra. How come there is Aja Sih Precisely here the aesthetics
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6 types of clothing that can be worn without a bra. How come there is Aja Sih Precisely here the aesthetics Don't be amused or feel weird first with the title. In fact, a bra that is basic clothing worn by all women can sometimes also not be used at certain times. In addition, there are also bra-less trends that are often carried out by world-class celebrities and supermodels. Characteristics are wearing tight clothes without a bra, with a little nipple that looks clear in shape.

This trend is clearly not suitable to be applied in Indonesia for reasons of politeness and community norms. However, it does not mean you should not take off the bra at all. There are some clothes that you can still wear without bras, the important thing is not to stick up or violate the value of politeness. Anything? Let's see them together.

1. Loose off-shoulder clothes that show your shoulders you can use without your bra. Provided the fabric in the chest area is quite bulging and can protect your nipple

Off-shoulder clothing, especially those with a lot of accents on the chest is an attractive choice to wear without a bra. Ornaments in the form of folds will be able to cover the protruding nipple. But this trick is not recommended for those of you who are big breasts, because this shirt is without support so it has the potential to make it easy to shift.

2. Bustier dress that has breast support features. If this dress is still added with a bra, the result will be hot and too heavy. Right?

Equipped with a breast support embedded in the dress, making this clothes remain comfortable and 'safe' even though it is worn without a bra. It is precisely if you add with a bra, it will accumulate and seem excessive. How, ready to wear this one bustier dress?

3. Pajamas when used to sleep. For health reasons, it is better not to wear a bra while sleeping.

Sleeping moments are the times when our body breaks, including breathing. During sleep, your chest should be freed from binding objects such as a bra that is too tight. Therefore, let go of your brethren, and sleep comfortably. If you are used to wearing a bra during sleep, try removing it occasionally and feel the difference.

4. Swimsuit that already has 'special place' for breast support. If it's still added with a bra, it can be too thick and less comfortable to swim.

Bathing suits have been specially designed to move quickly in the water. The addition of a bra (especially those made from sponge) is a bad idea. Just imagine, if water absorbs into the sponge, the more heavy your clothes are and the more difficult to swim. Take it easy, even though you don't wear a bra, swimsuits are generally equipped with breast support that can protect your assets.

5. Tracksuits that already have sports bras. The material and design have adjusted to sweat-filled activities. There's no need to add anything else

Sportswear, especially the type of sports bra used in superiors also doesn't need to be worn with a real bra. Sport bra itself has been designed specifically for activities that are bathed in sweat, so without the need to use a bra, it is enough.

6. Kebaya worn with long-torso. It's okay, wearing a bra, but the straps are visible and the curves in the breast are less sip

Kebaya that has been equipped with a torso or breast support corset is also enough to be used without wearing a bra. Especially if your type of off shoulder kebayamu exposes your shoulders. How can a bra with a strap be done?

Now, you know, some clothes that can be used without a bra. Not po*nographic or dirty, but it is technically incorrect if used together with a bra. But if you still feel less sip if you don't have a bra, you can use a strapless bra, or nipple protector to make it less noticeable. Let the world-class supermodels just wear the sheer clothes without a bra, don't you!

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