6 trivial things that you often have to do. In order for your guy to feel at ease and always want to survive
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6 trivial things that you often have to do. In order for your guy to feel at ease and always want to survive People say 'maintaining is far more difficult than getting'. Maybe it's true, especially if the context is a relationship. Because sometimes, maintaining the integrity of a relationship with a girlfriend is much more difficult than the process when you invented. Especially if you are a girl, it's not too effortless during PDKT, just give the code, keep waiting for your guy to take the road until he finally shoots and invents.

In the process of approaching until finally invented, for girls it feels easy. But after that it was difficult. Yep! establish a healthy and exciting relationship so that guys are at ease it's not as easy as snapping your fingers to the sound of 'click'. But you don't worry, because Hipwee has a secret. There are things you can do. A trivial thing to do, but the big impact makes your guy feel at ease.

1. Guys really appreciate your actions that convey him when he is emotional. You don't immediately remind him of the mother figure

Compared to girls, boys are known as people who have high emotions. There is a problem in the office, angry. Get grabbed by people on the street, swearing. Yes, maybe because the load on his head is a lot. Well, therefore, this is where he needs your role of lover to relieve his emotions that are often burning. The more often you do it, then it does not rule out the possibility that he will remember the figure of his mother who used to be patient when he was a child. Don't even get angry, yeah.

2. Reminding something that he often forgets while in a hurry also becomes something that will be very useful and memorable for your guy

A lot of workloads of men sometimes make him often forget something especially when he is in a hurry. Yes, let alone your guy, you also often forget kalau right when you're in a hurry? Well for those of you who feel like they have a guy like this, often remind him of things that are often forgotten will mean a lot to him. No need to be complicated, just by having a short chat in the morning 'room key already?', 'Don't forget breakfast', or 'remember the wallet' will definitely make it smile all day.

3. Guys also like it best when suddenly the girl massages the shoulder when a lot of life loads accumulate in his head

You may often be annoyed to see the complexion on your boyfriend's face when you meet him. When the look on his face is stressed like this, you don't go along with it. You should try to calm it down by giving a massage on your shoulder and head. Instantly your boy's mood will change and will feel very lucky to have you as his lover.

4. Even though sometimes he likes to be upset, but don't ever stop reminding your guy to rest when his busy time takes up

You may be upset when your girlfriend suddenly becomes sensitive when you take the road, but don't rush to anger because she doesn't have time for you. Because it might be because the work is piling up. It is precisely at moments like this that you can do something meaningful for him. Help him by encouraging him. Don't forget to remind him to rest. Even though he is often upset because he is disturbed when you remind him of the problem, but one day he will thank you for your attention.

5. Bringing homemade food to guys is one of the things that can make him feel valued as a partner, and this is important for harmony

If you usually never cook heavy food or even cook eggs, it's often burnt, you need to change that habit. Because actually your guy will feel flattered by your own food. He will feel valued for his existence by your efforts to learn to cook for him. After all, learning to cook now only needs to open youtube? Right?

6. Even though the prestige accepts accepting the offer of help from the girl when she is in trouble. In his heart he deeply appreciated the sincerity of his girl's intentions

Although he is often considered a formidable person and can solve his own problems, he is still a human who sometimes needs help from others. So even though he never asks, you're not wrong if you offer help to him when he seems to be in trouble. Instead, he will be happy about it. He will feel cared for by you.

Making a guy in a real relationship is not difficult, it's really hard if you know the trick. You don't need to make a complicated sacrifice to buy this, it makes such a surprise as in soap operas. Simply doing the things above is actually more than enough. Although trivial, but if you often do your guy, it must be at home and not easily bored.

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