6 Things You Need to Understand Before You Have a New Girlfriend, Let You Never Fight Again
16 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 418
6 Things You Need to Understand Before You Have a New Girlfriend, Let You Never Fight Again Starting to open your heart to someone new with a new feeling must be full of excitement. But it is only natural that there is still a sense of foreignness that silently sneaks when the hand you are now holding is no longer a normal hand. Likewise, the face that you see is no longer a face in your love story yesterday, you also need more time to really feel very fit with it.

After you have previously failed to maintain a relationship, this time you certainly don't want your failure to repeat. But before you decide to have a new girlfriend, you should understand these things first so that you and he will not be noisy at all.

1. Reflecting on previous relationships that have failed, so as not to repeat the same error

Failing from a previous relationship has indeed left a lesson for you so that you will be wiser in choosing and undergoing the best relationship. That is what makes you look in the mirror, you can't fall in the same hole again. If your bad qualities often cause the failure of your previous relationship, then you should also improve yourself for the people who will love you later.

2. Apply the principle of not restraining if you don't want to be restrained from the beginning of the relationship

Don't just because you have the title of her new lover, then she becomes free to limit your environment. In order for this to not happen later, you need to make an agreement between you and him that there should be no restraint between you and must trust each other.

Curbing one another will only make your relationship unhealthy, this world is not only the property of you two and not just about you two. Don't you just be his girlfriend, then all your world is just for him? Vice versa. You need to know that it keeps the difference by restraining.

3. Don't secretly compare your ex with your boyfriend, because that only makes you dissatisfied and he is jealous

How come he isn't as sensitive as my ex, huh?

Compared to other people it's not good, especially with ex! Mending you're single, if the former shadow is still watching. Everyone has a different character and there are good and bad, as well as your new boyfriend or ex. Even though you only compare it in your mind, it still doesn't work. Why also compare? Isn't it better if your ex is better, shouldn't you split up?

4. You also have to be prepared with the romance drama in front of you, from the exciting to the less fun

Dare to establish a relationship, meaning that you have to be brave to accept the risk. Because in every love relationship there is always a variety of flavors in it, not only do you feel sweet but you can't avoid the bitter love. Especially when your heart and he are already attached to each other then the feeling of comfort also spreads. The fear of losing finally arises without you even realizing it, it is precisely the cause of the romance drama. Not only annoying, drama in relationships sometimes makes it unable to stop smiling.

5. No matter how much you have been in a previous relationship, don't just make your new boyfriend run away.

When the wound in the liver has not fully healed, you should not immediately look for a new partner. Instead of looking for a new boyfriend, you should first finish your wound. Your new girlfriend is not right to take part in tasting the wound that still remains. Then finally you make your escape in order to entertain yourself from feeling lonely or to just prove to the ex that you can without him. It's not the way, relationships that begin with sincere love will also run smoothly. But it's different when your initial intention of having a new boyfriend is wrong, no wonder your relationship has failed again.

6. You must firmly limit privacy between you and him, so that your relationship runs comfortably

Even though your status has become a girlfriend, however, he is still the same as a new person in your life who will know you more deeply. Whether you or your new girlfriend, you have the right to confirm what privacy limits you should not pass and respect that decision. For example, it is not permissible to open open messages entered on each cellphone or not to give each other social media passwords. No need to be afraid of your partner, it is even more trusted to be more comfortable with him. After all, you yourself will feel uncomfortable if your new boyfriend enters your private domain?

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